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Story of 2 airmen’s escape from 5 armed kidnappers along Kaduna road



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Two officers of the Nigeria Air Force escaped kidnapping and death on Saturday thanks to their bravery and luck with good Samaritans.

Lt.Cdres S. Ahmed and A.I Maigado were coming from the Armed Force Command and Staff College (AFCSC) in Jaji, Kaduna, where Maigado went to deliver a lecture to junior course students of the Maritime Warfare Department of the institution.

Maigado with a dog-tag NN-2651 is a pilot and AWW specialist while Ahmed (NN2643) is a WEE/SBS operative and student at the AFCSC.

According to a report released by the NAF authorities, the two ran into a roadblock mounted by five men in military uniform, along the Jaji-Kaduna road, at about 2 km away to Marraba.

“The men quickly approached their vehicles, forced them out at gun point, and collected some items, including wallets and phones.” the official statement said.

They then marched the two officers barefoot into a bush, led them in some 3-hour trek further.

When they got to a spot, the kidnappers halted the advance to do further appreciation.
The company was here divided in two: three of the kidnappers were asked to secure the officers; and the two others decided to scout.

“At this point, one of the officers pretended to have stepped on a thorn, and in the process he kicked one of the kidnappers on the head. The man fell over a ridge,” the report stated.

So the officers were able to dash away towards a village, shouting for help as they fled.
Waching the villagers turn out, the man-snatchers retreated.

But the airmen kept moving until they reached another community where they offered them a phone. The two were able to contact Lt Cdr S.M. Jibia who informed the AFCSC directing staff.

Troops from 4 Demo Bn were then mobilised to extract Ahmed and Maigado. Their car was also recovered from the police later.

Maigado arrived Lagos Sunday morning to resume his flying duties while Ahmed is back at Jaji.