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TCN slams suspension on Discos 



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The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) says it has issued a second suspension order to Kano Distribution Company (KEDCO) .

The suspension order was posted on TCN’s twitter handle @TCN_Nigeria on Wednesday.

According to the twitter handle, the suspension order which took effect from Tuesday was issued on KEDCO for not paying May 2O19 Invoice in full.

The Nigerian Electricity Market Operator said that the non payment of the invoice in full was a default in the Market Conditions/Market Participation Agreements .

TCN on July 21, issued suspension and disconnection orders to KEDCO from the electricity grid.

According to TCN, the suspension order was as a result of KEDCO’s default in the Market Conditions/Market Participation Agreements.‎In the last few weeks suspension and disconnection orders had been issued against Port-Harcourt , Enugu, Eko and Ikeja DISCOs over the same allegations of infraction of market rules.

TCN has, however, lifted the suspension on Enugu, Eko and Ikeja DISCOs after they complied with the market conditions/participation agreement while Port-Harcourt Disco remains on suspension.