Traffic Violation: Right group laud RRS Officer’s Professional Conduct

  • charges Nigerian youths on morals
The Centre for Human and Socio-economic Rights (CHSR) has described the reaction of police officer in the face of harassment by a civilian who committed a traffic infraction as captured in an already viral video on the internet as a highly professional conduct.
The Human rights organization made the description, haven watched with kin interest the video that went viral on the internet showing a civilian harassing a police officer sequel their being apprehended for driving against traffic somewhere around lekki in Lagos State on Saturday 17th April 2021.
According to Comrade Alex Omotehinse the President of CHSR, the civilian over reacted by pushing, holding and jacking the uniform of the RRS officer holding a gun daring him to shoot him and the other person ,believing to be his friend threatened  and asking the officer if he wanted to loose his job but despite the high level of provocation the officers remain calm and focus.
“Honestly this video has proved to us that we still have some policemen that are giving human face and high level of professionalism in the discharge of their enormous duties.
“We commend the officers involved and implore the Lagos State police command to encourage the officer with a well deserve reward for not allowing themselves to be carried away by the unlawful actions and inaction of the civilian in the said video.
“The CHSR appeal to our teaming Nigerian youths to be well guided while engaging any law enforcement officers during any disagreement because it could lead to untimely death if with a trigger happy officer.
Comrade Omotehinse however, counseled Nigerian youths to comport themselves well when engaging a armed law enforcement officer, citing the fallout of the recent EndSars protest as a development to take a cue from given its volatile nature.
“Nigeria is still nursing the aftermath of last year #Endsars protest that was hijacked by hoodlums resulting to the death of several police officers, and other innocent civilians while many police formations were burnt and hundreds of BRT buses purchased with tax payers money were set ablazed.
“At this stage of precarious situation in Nigeria, we can’t afford to add another crises to the current economic crises facing the  Nigerian masses.
“Once again we COMMEND the Officer for his exemptional calmness and professional  conduct.
“This should also serves as deterrent to trigger happy officers in the  police force and we are also happy that our long standing relationship with the RRS officers all the time has showed that they are different set of policemen, that carried out their duties diligently with respect to the fundamental human rights of the citizen and we have always been making references to them whenever a regular policemen misbehave.
“Kudos to the leadership of the RRS for the good education given to its officers on how to handle issues proffessionerly.” Said Omotehinse.