Train crushes post-doctoral student in Lagos

A Postdoctoral student of the University of Lagos has been crushed to death by a train at Ikeja, Lagos.

It was reported that the deceased, Fatai Mutiu Abolade, had earphones in his ears and was looking into his phone simultaneously, becoming completely oblivious of the oncoming speeding train. Not even the noise from people calling his attention to the inevitable danger caught his attention.

After the train hit him, some onlookers retrieved an identification card from his mangled body, which revealed he was an Economics student with matriculation number 119081228.

“He was looking into his phone and pressing it. The train was honking but he did not hear. People were also shouting, he just checking his phone. By the time he raised his head up, he was already hit by the railway. There was no how he could have survived it” one of the eyewitnesses said.

While effort was being made to call Abolade’s relatives, sympathizers were shocked to discover he had been robbed of his phone.