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Uproar as coronavirus kills pregnant medical doctor on duty



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There is rising disquiet after coronavirus killed a pregnant medical doctor on duty.

It was gathered that the medical doctor was 28 years old and had eight months pregnancy. She was working in the IC surgery unit of the hospital. She died while on duty last Friday.

The female doctor requested for maternity leave to enable her to take a break before delivery, but the hospital chief medical officer turned down her request. She was not even allowed off duty.

Other workers in the hospital were said to have supported the request for maternity leave by the late doctor but the chief medical director thought otherwise. The hospital staff were said to have signed a petition to show their solidarity which precipitated the intervention of the Minister of Health.

Accordingly, the Minister of Health, Abderrahman Benbouzid, ordered the dismissal of the Director of the Ras El Oued Hospital in eastern Algeria after the late doctor, Wafa Boudissa, had died of corona virus.

The Health Minister, Benbouzid, had mandated thorough investigations into the death of Dr. Boudissa on Saturday. The Inspector General of the Algerian Health Ministry was directed to lead the investigations.

The Health Minister, Benbouzid, was gathered to have questioned why the pregnant doctor was compelled to work close to the period of delivery.

It was gathered that a presidential pronouncement at the beginning of control measures of the coronavirus pandemic identified pregnant women and mothers raising children on the list of persons permitted to take exceptional leave from duty.

It was revealed that anyone indicated may be prosecuted for homicide by the government.

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