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Vaccination conspiracy agenda –Obaseki’s complicity 



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By Erasmus Ikhide

The Caucasians reluctantly granted independence to African countries in the heady days of the 20th century due to numerous agitations by African liberation fighters both bloody like what obtained in Kenya with the Mau Mau uprising and bloodless like what occurred in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia etc.

The ex-colonialists then metamorphosed into imperialists who control the polity and economy, making the African leaders mere puppets.

It is a well known fact that there has been a depopulation agenda for Africa since the 1970’s when fertility rates started declining in the West at a rather alarming rate. Institutions like the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Marie Stopes International etc have massively pushed for abortions in African nations to reduce the population here. It got so bad that the Republicans under Ronald Reagan bowing to public pressure from the Evangelicals had to institute the Mexico City Policy to prevent the exportation of abortion abroad. Tragically, the Democrats always lift this law whenever they are in power.

The latest agenda is the Moderna vaccine which Governor Godwin Obaseki wants to force on Edolites ostensibly to please his masters abroad.

According to Japan Times, a foreign substance was detected in dozens of vials of the Moderna covid 19 vaccine. This substance has been discovered to be tiny pieces of a metal. This foreign substance was identified in 39 unused vials – the discovery was made by scientists there on August 16. The Japanese government decided to halt the use of the vials which affected 1.63 million shots. The Health Minister of Japan, Norihisa Tamura had this to say about the impending health crisis which may afflict Japan ‘Because the contamination has caused so much anxiety and worry among people getting vaccinated, Moderna and Takeda Pharmaceutical have to take steps to investigate the cause of the incident and prevent a recurrence.’

We recall that Japan faced a severe crisis after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by the US led allied forces. Due to progressive leadership, they were a force to reckon with barely two decades later as they hosted the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. There was a drug called Thalidomide which was developed in the West for pregnant women. The drug was supposed to relieve them of the pains usually associated with pregnancies. Alas many women who took the drug had deformed babies – some were born with one limb, others with no hands and limbs. What did the government do? They banned the drug from the country with immediate effect without caring whose ox was gored.

Edolites went to the polls in 2020 and Obaseki portrayed himself as a victim of godfatherism which made the majority of the electorate chant the popular slogan – ‘Edo no be Lagos!’. Edolites believed him and they gave him their mandate for the second term.

This piece wouldn’t discuss his gargantuan failures as it has been written in an earlier piece but the raison d’etre of this is his complicity in compromising the health of Edolites with his forced vaccination of the moderna vaccine which as seen above is not in the best health interest of Edolites. Why does he want to force the vaccine down the throats of Edolites? Who is backing him as it doesn’t smirk of any iota of altruism? Why does he want to mortgage the health of Edolites for the Biblical mess of pottage? What does he stand to gain if Edolites have health challenges as a result of the poison smartly packaged as a vaccine?

The issue of forced vaccinations is a very delicate one. There are protests all over the United States on this issue. Europe isn’t spared. There have been numerous cases of people who still died of COVID-19 even after being vaccinated. Vaccination should be a personal issue just like the decision to have the number of children you feel you can cater for. There should be no governmental interference since it is a private affair.

What is the state of healthcare in Edo State? Can it handle the crisis that will erupt from this vaccine? Has Obaseki himself being publicly vaccinated with this particular vaccine?

It is tragic that the State House of Assembly that could have effectively checkmated his nauseating excesses has not sat since last year due to the dictatorial tendencies of the present occupant of Dennis Osadebay Avenue. For putting the health of millions of Edolites at risk, it is an impeachable offence and if evidence suffices that he has financially benefitted from his sinister decision, a criminal one as well. Alas the Man on the Clapham Omnibus has no voice in Edo State as the Lord of the Manor prefers to rule in a manner worse than Nero of Rome.

As an acclaimed technocrat, one thought he would use his vast contacts in the financial sector to attract investments to Edo State and make the state a health tourism hub which will exponentially increase its internally generated revenue which is embarrassingly low. The Governor and the state have been trapped with his hollow memorabilia that captured a future governmentality with vague memorandum Of Understanding(s) (MOU) that only exists only on paper.

Imagine if Edo State was a health tourism hub, flights to the West, India and Egypt will drastically reduce. We saw what the visionary leadership of Donald Etim Duke did to Cross Rivers State when he built Tinapa and Obudu Cattle Ranch to make the state a tourist centre. Why can’t the inept Obaseki do the same for health in the state and engrave his name in the hearts of Edolites for posterity?

The Stakeholders of Edo State should vehemently resist the forced vaccination with the moderna vaccine as it is inimical to their well being. Nobody should sit on the fence as it is an ill wind that blows nobody any good. The opposition, journalists, civil society activists, lawyers should rise up in unison and fight this. One wonders why no lawyer has filed a court injunction to prevent him from embarking on this potential genocide in Edo State! Edolites should be more patriotic, especially the elite and act as the voice for the hoi polloi.

History wouldn’t forgive the stakeholders if they don’t resist this impending bondage which will have long term disastrous consequences long after Obaseki’s less than 40-month tenure as Governor would have been over.

The time to fight this tyranny is now!

  • Erasmus Ikhide contributed this article to Edo State forceful COVID-19 vaccination discourse and can be reached via: [email protected], +2348035032123.​