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What Buhari said about Danjuma, Punch, Osinbajo, 2023 in interview



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In a recent interview that posed inconvenient questions for President Muhammadu Buhari, a body of facts could have emerged but for te president’s artful dodging of the answers.

Accrding to The Interview, Buhari fielded questions bordering on the 2023 presidency, V.P Yemi Osinbajo, former Defecne Minister Theo Danjuma, the keeper  of Nigeria;s worst secret, Omoyele and Dasuki Sambo detention, and the Punch decision to tag him major general, and his government a regime.

Speaking on Nigeria election, Buhari agreed that talks about 2023 polls has been gaining momentum.

“It is often said that while statesmen think of governance, and how they can make things better for their country, politicians think of the next election.

“Elections, as necessary as they are in a democracy, must not consume our entire lives, times and resources. We must give space for the development of our country.

“I am hundred percent concentrating on how we can move the country forward economically; how we can bring about peace and security to our country”, he said.

On the rule of law, government’s human rights record, the extended detention of Sambo Dasuki and Omoyele Sowore, Buhari replied: “The two examples you cited are still before the courts, so the less said on this matter, the better, lest we be in contempt of court.”

About the PUNCH decision to call him “Major General (rtd)” instead of “President” in protest of government’s disobedience of court orders, Buhari said: “Am I not a retired Major General of the Nigerian Army? I didn’t just pick the rank in the streets, I earned it.”

Buhari further insisted that there was no cabal in his government.

The president said: “I addressed this matter before. I was the one who went round the country on campaigns, and I was the one voted into office as President twice. No one else did, and no one else took the oath of office, and can exercise the powers of a President.”

On Danjuma’s declaration that if he revealed some secrets, Nigerians won’t be able to sleep, Buhari responded: “And what is the vote of confidence of Nigerians in me, as expressed in the polls last year? That is what matters more, not the opinion of one man.”

The nation’s leader, who was asked to describe his relationship with Osinbajo and rate it on a scale of ten, replied: “Perfect. Or has he complained to you? Thank you very much.”

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