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Why we released Evans’ alleged accomplices – Police



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The Nigeria police have said lack of evidence against three alleged accomplices of notorious kidnapper, Chukwudememe Onwuamadike aka Evans led to their release.

One of the said accomplices is Emeka Egbulugba, a pharmacist believed to have set up his boss, Donatus Dunu, up for kidnap.

Speaking on Egbulugba’s release, Dasuki Galandashi, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Administration, said the court, and not the police, set Egbulugba free on bail.

“Before they were granted bail, Evans was arrested. We did an identification parade and they said they did not know Evans. Evans also claimed not to know any of them.

“Since the Inspector-General of Police (IGP’s) creed is to inspire openness, we had no choice than to charge the case to court.

“The court looked at the evidences and released the suspects. The police did not release them, the court did,” he said.

But Dunu disagreed with the explanation of the police.

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Dunu said, “Nobody should have allowed those suspected workers in my company to be granted bail in any guise because I have evidence of the active participation of, particularly, Emeka, my pharmacist. Releasing him has worsened my plight and that of my family.

He further said: “Why should police release Emeka, the chief accomplice in my kidnap? I not only heard his voice while in captivity, but saw him there few days after my kidnap. He came asking them where I was kept. When they showed him, he opened the door where they kept me in chains and our eyes met. Though I was blindfolded, I was about eating when I heard his voice and I normally remove the blind. That was how I saw him and I had the greatest shock of my life.”

Also, he alleged the suspect and the kidnappers planned to kill him despite paying the ransom for his release.

The said Emeka, alongside two others, Kingsley and Tochukwu, was arrested and charged to court on May 17. The suspects were remanded in prison custody before court granted them bail on June 23.