Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy: One is Messi, other Ronaldo but the third is a challenger

The code war, the twitter war or whatever you want to call it. But something is wrong with Burna. We do not know what exactly it is.
We know he is the Ballon Dor winner last year. Music is not football, yet we know the industry isn’t that comfortable for you to think yourself God after just one BD.
Especially when you did a Modric. Don’t forget Messi and Ronaldo are by the side. Messi doesn’t go about telling everyone he is the greatest. He just does the talking on the training pitch and also on match days.
Ronaldo knowing Messi is out of this world, also understands that winning the BD one time, or two times, or three times wont cut it. That’s why he brags small and works more.
Wizkid is Messi. Davido is Ronaldo. Burna Boy has to make sure he is more than Modric.
Ediale will often take sides with Messi, but Ediale can’t deny that Ronaldo has nothing else to prove again. Wizkid is supertalented but hey, Davido has nothing else to prove to anyone.
He’s done it. Back to back. Hits after hits. Take it or leave it.
When VVD got the Uefa Men’s award, Ronaldo sat in that crowd, front row, next to Messi. He noted that hismself and Messi have dominated for 15 years.
Same thing the Ronaldo of Nigerian music did today on Twitter. Davido dared to make a tweet about the truth. He posted a pic of himself and Wizzy and then tweeted, “The two greatest of all time”.
What followed was a post by the self acclaimed African Giant, “You can not play football, everybody knows you cannot play football and you are an embarrassment to the team. But your daddy bought the football team”.
Shots fired.
But soon shots was deleted.
And since shots fired can’t be deleted.
Twitter Nigerians started retweeting the already screened grabbed tweet. As if they knew the giant will be scared. They knew he will delete.
But what does Burna imply with that parable?
Well Twitter Nigerians also interpreted. He is trying to say we all know Davido has a frog voice and can’t sing. And if not his father has enough money to buy success. Davido wouldn’t be able to get his first feature with Neato C. Or Davido won’t be able to pay song writers or pay Chris Brown and co.
But can we really buy these things?
Yes and no.
As Davido has repeatedly said, it’s not his fault that his folks are rich. And if we want to be truthful and follow Burna Boy’s parable with logic. You can’t win the BD because your dad is the owner of the club or league.
David Adeleke put in some work. Some focus. Some discipline. He deserves his accolades.
Your BD spotter,
PS: The Peles, Maradonas, Ibrahimovics of the Nigerian Music need to call Burna to order. This beef will get out of hand soon.