Woman, barren for years, pregnant out of wedlock; things unravel as calamity strikes step-son

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Justina Agbuni and Godwin knew they were doing something they could not declare. But as long as it brought pleasure to the 30-something old woman and her 17-year old partner, they didn’t care a rap.

How much could an abandoned housewife care—or teenage snagging secret roll in the hay from a caring older woman?

And the consequences: a mixed blessing, though they couldn’t know it beforehand.

For the moment, the kicks were enough.

The Nasarawa house wife said she had been childless for 19 years, and those years had been harrowing.

“It got to a point that I asked myself if I was still living with the same man I married. He suddenly became a beast, calling me barren, harlot and useless, just because I couldn’t take in,” she said in a report by the Nation.

She had tried as much as a wife could. She followed Agbuni to places, orthodox and otherwise; she ate potions and took medicines; she consulted in places she said she would have contemplated in her life.

Nothing positive happened. And desperation set in for her. She feared cheating on her husband. She wanted to keep her marriage. She had faith.

“After five years, I realized I am not getting younger,” she said.

By then, Mr Agbuni had gone frigid. That was not his original problem. His sexy swimmers were. According to test and examination results the couple had, he had low sperm counts. He however made the problem Justina’s.

That drove her crazier.

“I concluded that I would test my fertility through Godwin.”

Godwin as far as she knew was her nearest kin—a relative of her husband just living with them.

“I also felt it would be lesser sin if it was with my husband’s relation who was staying with us.”

She started seducing Godwin anytime her husband went to work. She became a cougar at some point making passes, squeezing him.

Soon they hit it off. “I knew he is big enough to satisfy me.” And so the affair sizzled on for—three months.

“Although he was not too perfect because he had not been doing it,” she said. Where Godwin lacked, she taught her the ropes. And where the boy expressed fears, Justina brow-beat her into an oath of silence, with deathly repercussions.

After a while, Godwin knocked Justina up.

“I was happy after missing my periods for three months. What my husband couldn’t do for years, Godwin did it in three months,” she said.

But he thought he was only firing blanks; he didn’t know all that baby-making jelled out good.  And Justina kept the paternity from him, even when she gave birth to the baby boy. It made no difference, she thought. Godwin and Agbuni are cousins.

And Agbuni really believed he’d got back in the groove, and his sap now flowed, thick and virile.

Now Justina had the bump she wanted; Godwin got the thrill of secret sin, and experience in baby-making. Agbuni himself got his shrivelled ego pumped back up.  And the surrogacy was neatly covered.

It was time for everyone to move on: Godwin—to a college of education. While on his way, he had an auto accident. And died.

Later, Justina gave birth to Godwin’s son.

But before then, the bubble burst.

Godwin was Justina’s brother-in-law or something.

Agbuni fathered him in his first marriage, but wouldn’t let Justina know he was once married.