Woman marries 3 men, knocks their heads in a clash


    WHAT appeared to be the strangest marriage took place recently when a young woman successfully played pranks on three men marrying all of them at the same time in Lagos.
    National Daily gathered that the three men live in different locations in the state making it possible for the woman to shuttle from one place to the other painting their faces with deceptive love. In the midst of this concocted game, she used her mother, who lives at Epe as bait to hoodwink the men into believing that she always travel to see her.

    How it started
    The three husbands live in Owode-Ogombo in Ajah, Epe and Ikeja respectively. The woman identified as Alimon Sadia, in her late thirties, lost her eight month-old baby boy last November, after a brief illness.
    It was also revealed that the woman at the centre of the controversy was married to another man before, and divorced with three children before she got engaged with the men.
    One of the men identified as Ayo aka AY, who lives at Owode-Ogombo, has been living with the woman as his wife at his rented apartment. Ayo claimed that the baby that died, named Godwin, was his son and did everything possible to provide for him until he died. From what played out, it was alleged that the woman might have caused the death of the child as he was said to have complained that Akodo General Hospital rejected him before he was taken to the Airforce Clinic at Ikeja.
    It was further learnt that when the boy was born, just as Ayo, the other husbandat Ikeja also claimed to be the biological father even though both men were not known to each other until the bumble blew recently and they realised that they have been conscripted clandestinely into an unholy marriage.

    How the bumble blew
    Cleverly, the woman, whom National Daily learnt travels frequently, was using the opportunity to move from one husband’s house to the other given the impression that she went to see her mother while, at the same time, gives different stories to the “mushroomed” husbands.
    However, what has been hidden for years was blown open when the Ikeja-based husband decided to call the wife after he had travelled to see the mother at Epe. Unfortunately, the Owode-Ogombo based husband, Ayo, was the one that picked the call as Alimon was said have gone to the toilet. To his chagrin, he heard what he didn’t bargain forsince he claimed to have married Alimon.
    National Daily gathered that the caller requested to speak to his wife but was amazed to hear a man’s voice who cautioned him that the woman in question was his wife. As a result, the following conversation ensued between the two husbands. “Please, I want to speak to my wife, Alimon.” Ayo retorted, “No, this is not your wife, Alimon is my wife and this is her number. Please, check the number you have dialled, it is a wrong number,” he replied. Despite the response he got, the man insisted that Alimon was his wife and was pregnant for him. It was then that the dark cloud began to get clearer. With high sense of humility and having suspected some foul play, Ayo began to ask more questions to ascertain the veracity of the claim.
    To reassert his stands, Ayo was said to have told the man that Alimon, had just stepped out to use the toilet. Minutes later, Alimon was said to have come back and was confronted by what the strange caller said. She was said to have denied and swore that she has never or having any relationship with another man.
    In other to clear the doubt and confirm who actually was telling the truth, Ayo was said to have secretly invited the caller to his house unknown to the woman what was brewing.

    Drama unfolds at Owode-Ogombo
    The last straw that broke the camel’s back was struck when the Ikeja-based husband eventually arrived at Owode-Ogombo, Ayo’s residence.
    When the man came, he met Ayo holding a cutlass threatening fire and brimstone that he would machete the woman to death for being a deceit in the last few years they have lived as husband and wife.Ayo was infuriated because despite the allegation; the woman still insisted that she has no amorous affairs with any other man that lives at Ikeja. The arrival of the Ikeja-based husband brought the three men and the woman at the centre, face to face and the drama that unfolded was insalubriously disgusting. .

    Alimon denied knowing the other two men the Ikeja and Epe based husbands. It was gathered that after she gave birth to the child that died, Ayo was said to have organised a naming ceremony for the boy at a Celestial Church of God in Ogombo. Few days later, she disappeared from home and had another naming ceremony at Ikeja in the house of the husband.
    During the confrontation, the Ikeja-based husband insisted that the late child was his son having done several test during her pregnancy including a DNA test which confirmed his paternal ship. He added that he was responsible for the pregnancy Alimon is presently carrying.

    Alimon was said to have told the men that she was pregnant for them. Upon these revelations, Ayo got exasperated, drew a cutlass and threatened to slaughter the woman.
    Hell was let lose when out of anger, Ayo parked out all her belongings and set it ablaze before driving her away to the shock of everyone that was watching the dance of shame unfold.

    Similarly, the Ikeja and Epe based husbands, having seen that they have been involved in an unholy marriage laced with deceit and gimmick, also threatened to park her things out at his Ikeja home and warned the woman never to come near his house or would met her waterloo.

    Overwhelmed by the revelations, Alimon was said to have stood at a corner ranting and boasting that she was not married to both the Ikeja and Epe based alleged husbands. She eventually disappeared while Ayo has since moved on without making any formal report to the police.