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14-yr-old boy arrested for kIlling 8 of his schoolmates & security guard



had pre-planned everything
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Police operatives in Serbia have arrested a 14-year-old boy who allegedly shot & killed 8 of his schoolmates & a security guard

It was gathered that the teenage suspect took his father’s gun before shooting his teacher & then fellow students & security guards at the Vladislav Ribnikar elementary school in the capital Belgrade on Wednesday morning, May 3

The children who died were seven girls and one boy — all aged between 11 and 14, SkyNews reports

Veselin Milic, head of Belgrade police said the suspect had two guns and two petrol bombs.

Speaking at a press conference, Milic said: He had pre-planned everything because he had names of children he wanted to kill & their classes

A sketch the suspect drew before the attack looks a bit like something from a video game, or from a horror movie. It indicated that he planned in detail, to go room by room, class by class – how to enter each classroom & how to kill each child.

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