4 Things you can do to minimize charges on your prepaid meter

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The digital prepaid meters introduced by electric power suppliers have become a very popular device in Nigerian households. Those devices enable the users to monitor their electricity usage and as well activate their subscriptions.

The meters also appear to be a new way of reducing irregularities associated with electric power usage and reducing the stress involved in resolving reconnection issues. It also has accounting features that seem to be eradicating fraudulent usage of electricity.

But as using these meters seem to require some minimization skills, many Nigerians finding difficult to cope with the charges. Their service time runs out within a short time after subscription. Nevertheless, below are four things one can do to minimize charges on prepaid meters.

1. Remove yellow bulbs

Yellow bulbs are among the notable appliances that are used as lighting points in Nigerian homes. Many people prefer them because they last longer and are also cheaper to buy. But what people still do not know about those bulbs is the amount of current that they consume when turned.

Removing those bulbs and replacing them with energy-saving bulbs can help you to minimize charges on your meter because the energy bulbs consume far less than half the amount of current that those old model bulbs consume. You may notice that a single yellow bulb carries a 100 Watts rating while energy most bulbs carry 8 Watts power rating. The difference is clear.

2. Reduce the use of electric stoves

Keeping aside your electric stoves can also help you to minimize power charges. Many of these stoves have capacities that are higher than those of pressing irons. The amount of time to finish a cooking process is always enough much units deductions to happen. Switching to other means of cooking can help a great as bills are concerned.

3. Know the power rating of appliances you use.

Do not just plug a device into your light source without knowing the power rating. In a lame man’s language, know its Watts. Do the same thing when purchasing an electronic device. Many people are ignorant of this and end up wondering why their units finish quickly. Knowing this can also help use powerful appliances only when necessary.

4. Disconnect illegal connections and outside sockets

Illegal connections leave a way for outsiders to tap from your electric wires. Outside sockets also give way for misuse of power supply. All these bring unnecessary charges to your meter, and to cut down the bills, do away with these loopholes.