5 everyday drink to regulate blood sugar

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Diabetes is a serious medical condition that cannot be cured. There are two types of diabetes namely, type 1 diabetes and type two diabetes. Diabetes is primarily caused by high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. Diabetes is usually controlled with a combination of drugs and diet.

Certain foods are recommended for diabetic people, they are also required to avoid other types of foods and to eat certain foods in moderation.

However, there are certain drinks that have the capacity of regulating blood sugar thereby, reducing a person’s risk of developing diabetes and improving the conditions of those who already have the disease.

Here Are Five Natural Drinks Diabetic People Should Drink Everyday To Regulate Their Blood Sugar Levels.

1. Sugar Free Coffee: coffee is made from natural materials which makes it natural. Coffee has a lot of health benefits one of which is its ability to improve the conditions of persons with type 2 diabetes. According to studies, coffee can help lower a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes, it also Improves sugar metabolism.

However, it is important not to add sugar, milk or, creme in the coffee. Also, avoid caffeinated coffee if you have stomach ulcer.

2. Green Tea: green tea is a made from herbs, roots and plants which makes it natural and highly nutritious.

Diabetic people should try to drink green tea regularly because, studies have shown that, green tea has properties and compounds that helps to regulate blood sugar.

3. Herbal Tea: teas that are made from plants that have herbal properties are usually refered to as herbal tea. There are many plants that you can use to make herbal tea such as mango leaves, aloe vera, ginger, and neem leaves (dogonyaro).

All these herbs and roots mentioned above helps to regulate blood sugar and improve sugar metabolism. Diabetic people can also derive a lot of other health benefits from drinking herbal teas.

4. Zobo: zobo is one of the most popular drinks in Nigeria. The best thing about zobo is that, it is cheap which means that even people who are below average financially, can afford it.

Zobo has over 13 health benefits one of which is it’s ability to regulate blood sugar. Avoid adding sugar or any other type of artificial additives to the zobo drink.

5. Water: there is a popular Igbo saying which translates to, “water is life in English”. According to Healthline, water is the best option for people with diabetes. Aside from the fact that drinking sufficient water prevents dehydration, it also helps the body to eliminate excess glucose (blood sugar) from the body through the urine.

People with diabetes should drink at least 2 and half litres of water daily. You can add lemon or, lime to the water to give it taste and flavour if you wish.