7 delicious foods to taste from Igbo tribe of Nigeria

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Nigeria is a country that consists of many ethnic groups, of which Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba are major ones. Igbo tribe which is one of Nigeria tribes is known for there mouth watering dishes, they have varieties of traditional delicacies that are healthy for human consumption.

If you have ever tasted ofe akwu, owerri soup, banga and many others, you will testify that Igbo delicacies are very delicious. Let us take a look at the major Igbo foods you need to eat.

1. Abacha n cha

Abacha is a popular food in Igboland, popularly called African salad. Whenever you enter any home in Igboland, it’s likely they serve you this delicious meal.

2. Okpa

Okpa is a very sweet food that is the delight of every homes. It is cooked by adding all necessary ingredients to okpa powder and it is normally put in banana leaves or nylon.

3. Agidi jollof

This is the preparation of pap in the concoction way, whereas other things are added to it like biscuit bones.

4. Nkwobi

Cow leg is properly cooked and seasoned and sometimes eaten with palmwine or other drinks.

5. Ukwa

This is the food made out of African breadfruit seeds. If is usually very delicious and breathtaking.

6. Achicha

This wonderful meal is made from cocoyam. It is native to Enugu state and other Igbo speaking region.

7. Ji mmiri oku

Ji mmiri oku is a special meal which is usually cooked for new mothers during ‘omugo’ period. Omugo is a period after childbirth where the mother or mother in law take good care of both the mother and baby. It is made with yam and dried fish.