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7 Unthinkable Fashion Trends You Won’t Believe Nigerian Girls Rocked In Public



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There is the need to review some of the things that are in vogue. The fashion trend is something that needs to be discussed in the society as the women have gone haywire. Nigeria is a country with high cultural values; women are not trained to parade the streets naked and show off body parts. The adulteration of our culture by the western world has brought upon us a curse as our women have now chosen the naked way.
It is like people are not seeing anything wrong in this, they are nonchalant about it. The few people who are bothered in the society are not rebuking these ladies. No one is asking you to go to the extreme while rebuking them but then, they need to be called to order. But for these ones who wear nets what can one do? Is this a mock attempt at being fully covered with clothes or what?
Find below some of the outrageous fashion trends that would make you laugh hard:
1. A bizarre way of dressing
bizzare way of dressing
These ladies do not have an iota of shame. This is shameful and ridiculous; there are lots of beautiful women in the society who do not walk [email protected]. They are respected and able to break grounds with their creativity and intelligence.
When you see ladies who dress this way in the society, you can easily tell how shallow they are; they are most likely to be people with little or no self-esteem. Most times, they do not know what to do with their lives.
2. When people want to wear short by fire by force
wear short by fire by force
Ladies in the society love wearing short dresses; even the corporate environments have working class ladies who wear things above their knees. It is unsettling and hilarious seeing ladies wear things that are ridiculously short when they are not comfortable in them. Some of these ladies cannot even bend to pick objects when they are wearing these clothes. This unlucky lady showed more than she wanted to while trying to catch the bouquet.
3. What is this for God’s sake?
ebube nwagbo goes naked
This is pure madness. A serious breach of culture. What is wrong with the women of this generation? What eroded their sanity and made them this way? From the displayed picture you should note that the other people in the picture are not bothered. If they were, you would have seen the looks on their faces. This lady did not just walk [email protected], she even posed for the camera. Who does that? If at all you want to walk [email protected], be hundred percent sure your body is on point; seeing a bloated stomach and sagging [email protected] is definitely not the way.
4. What is this?
What is this?
This outrageous fashion trend starts when people wear clothes like this and post them on social media. They want to see people’s reactions and feedback. The ‘awwww’, ‘stunning’, ‘hot’ and other beautiful comments they get make them go gaga. They simply lose it and go overboard with the next cloth they launch online. If people can at least rebuke these people at the early stage, then indecent dressing in the society can be minimized and curbed.
5. The ‘bra’ parties they host
bra party
As much as we fight for gender equality, it should be noted that women can never be men. While men are allowed to bare their chest and move around, it is not acceptable for women to follow suit here. This is Africa; as much as we allow our cultural values and morals to be pierced by the yearnings of civilization, some things will never be right here. Women now host parties where they wear bras and are not ashamed to let their pictures be taken while at it. What morals would these ones pass on to their kids and the coming generation.
6. Even old women want to walk naked
This is funny; if the younger folks in the society want to bare it all because of youthful exuberance and the need to be known and seen we would understand. But when old and married women in the society join the trail and decides to walk [email protected] then the future of this nation is whack. Who would call the young ones to order if they are not seeing anything wrong with this?
7. Ahhhhh
ahhhhhh see oh
Like seriously? What is wrong with these people? Where are their parents? Is there no one to call them to order? The women in the society should learn to screen out the things they would adopt from the western world. This is Nigeria, this is Africa! Everything is wrong with dressing this way.

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