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Bukky Wright astonishingly confessed her stake in lesbianism, children and 4th marriage



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Ace model, actress, producer, writer and business guru Bukky Wright recently revealed in an interview that she went into acting business because of fear of inability of raising her children. She said she is living her life for her children as they are the only thing that matters to her.

She also revealed that losing her children is her greatest fear, as she is always scared of their lateness to come home early whenever they go out. The two boys who are 21 and 23years old to her are her greatest assets and she is building them to become the kind of man as a husband, she never had.

One of the boys is coming out with a debut album soon which will be released under her musical label.

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Currently a single mother who recently quit her third marriage, she is optimistic that her fourth marriage can still be a reality but depends on the kind of man. She emphatically said that Nigerian men cannot stand successful women as this is a factor for lasting relationship.

Ms Wright added that Nigerian men do not know where to draw the line between a celebrity cum public figure and a wife at home. That most men feel when a society woman is among men, she thus sleeps with them – it is a sad situation she said.

On the issue of the next marriage, Ms Wright said if the man’s card tally with hers she may go into the forth marriage, but she will lay her cards straight on the table. She added that the coming man must take her as ‘Bukky Wright’ not the actress he sees in the movies or on social platforms. However, she says getting a man to accept her, the way she is, is difficult, that she is a social giver.

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The international actress who is comfortable doing both Yoruba and English films, revealed that her embarrassing moment was when she saw in the media that she was a lesbian  and that she has AIDS. Ms Wright said she was at that time creating a character in one of her movie she could not get. She purposefully went on hunger strike to get that character, which eventual reduced her from size 16 to 4 and then to size 8.

The beautiful model who described herself as a very simple person as against what most movies portray her to be, says she went into politics to touch lives not to make money.

Ms Wright also revealed that her latest movie –‘ The Beast amongst Us’ which was shot in the United States will soon be premiere.