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African Union suspends Gabon



Blackmail, threats, fears hand coupists unfettered incursions 
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The African Union (AU) has suspended the membership of Gabon from the continental organization following the coup that ousted potential life President Ali Bongo on Wednesday.


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The Peace and Security Council of the African Union, on Thursday evening, announced that the AU condemned the take-over of power by the military in Gabon and overthrew President Ali Bongo.


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The AU, accordingly, suspended the participation of Gabon in all activities of the Union and the institutions “with immediate effect until constitutional order is restored in the country.”

Ali Bongo Ondimba has been President of Gabon since October 2009.


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Ali Bongo, a member of the Gabonese Democratic Party, succeeded his father, Omar Bongo, who was President of Gabon from 1967 unto his death in 2009, that is 42 years in office as a life president in the Central African country.


Ali Bongo Ondimba after 14 years of two teems in office, intended a third term in office for more seven years, which would have made it 21 years in office he had succeeded, after being proclaimed winner of the August 26 election in Gabon.

The Gabonese Army last Wednesday ousted Ali Bongo to stop him from installing himself as a life president in the country, just like his father.

The AU did not consider the unlimited time Ali Bongo had held on to power and his further ambition for more years before making the decision to suspend Gabon from the Union.

The AU may be supporting sit-tight leaders and life presidents, including irregular elections on the African continent.


Meanwhile, the military regime in Gabon has appointed General Brice Oligui Nguema as Head of the Transition Government.