After own second term, Fayemi urges youth to kick APC out, taunts Sowore, other Twitter revolutionaries

When Gov. Kayode Fayemi spoke in support of revolution and change of regime at the last edition of the Platform by the Covenant Christian Centre, he was serious.

But, by revolution, he wasn’t talking about what he called Twitter revolution, the kind championed by also-rans like AAC presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore, ENDSARS coordinators, and others.

“I’m not talking about the Twitter revolution. Many young Nigerians are cosying, giving it to governors and attacking ministers on Twitter and Facebook,” he said.

“Go to the wards, go to the communities and challenge what they are doing there. Hold them accountable.”

He told the youth instead of creating anarchy, agonizing on social media, and heading out to Canada, there’s something else they can do in Nigeria: organize.

“Even if your search is a regime change in a democracy, there is only one what for regime change in a democracy, you work towards it,” he said.

“Another election is going to come if you do not like what APC is doing. Organise, stop agonising, organise against the party. Link up with others who are organising and then kick the APC out of office and put people that you think we do better not creating a situation of anarchy.”

The APC governor is winding down his second term, and there are insinuations he’s gunning for the presidency, in a likely contest against his party national leader Bola Tinubu also rumoured to be interested in 2023.

The APC caretaker committee recently ended their conciliatory mission across the nation, raking in rusty politicians like former Speaker Dimeji Bankole, and ex-Gov. Gbenga Daniel—all in preparation for the 2023 presidential election.

The ruling party wants to stay put at least for 30 years at the centre.