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Again, Kenneth Okonkwo slams Tinubu



Again, Kenneth Okonkwo slams Tinubu
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In a tweet that was made by Mr Kenneth Okonkwo this morning on his official Twitter handle, he has criticized some of the policies the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has embarked on since the president was sworn-in in May.

While he was talking, he said, “A government that commenced its regime with N352 increase in fuel per litre, depreciated naira by 82 percent from first day in office, borrowed the sum of $800m (N650b) to share N35 billion to Judiciary, N70 billion to the Legislature, then N48,000.00 for a family of about 6 persons for 6 months, arresting and detaining Nigerians without trial is a government that is anti people.”

Kenneth claimed that, giving a Nigerian household, a paltry sum of N8,000 per month that can’t even afford a plate of food, for a Nigerian is not only an insult to common sense, but a formula to steal government’s fund in the name of poor Nigerians.

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He asked what a Nigerian can do with N8,000 per month, much less a household of about 6 persons per month. He claimed that this government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is a waste and a scourge and now, Nigerians are seeing the true definition of cluelessness and soon, the All Progressives Congress members, South-West indigenes and the Muslims will be in the forefront to reject this government because of poverty, suffering and injustice.

Further talking, he said, “Do not forget the lopsided, nepotistic appointments so far made. I can hardly recognise Nigeria. May God help us.”

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