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Anarchy looms over new Igwe of Enugwu Agidi community



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  • Community demands withdrawal of certificate by Gov. Obiano
Tension mounts in Enugwu Agidi Community, Anamabra State, over thte installation of a traditional ruler for the community by the State Govenrment without ratification by the people as required by tradition. The rising apprehension is rapidly generating vehment resistance and strong opposition against the new traditional ruler, Chief Mike Okeke-Uche, the new Igwe, within 24 hours after his installation.
National Daily gathered that the entire Enugwu Agidi Community disclaimed the new Igwe, Chief Michael Okeke-Uche, 24 hours after he received a “Certificate Of Recognition’ from Governor Willie Obiano as the new Igwe and traditional ruler of the community. They insist that they never made him a ruler or king over them.
In a statement, jointly signed by the President General of Enugwu Agidi Brotherly Union, Sir Amaechi Ezendu KSJ, all executive members and Chairmen of all the component villages and wards in Enugwu Agidi, including the Youth Council, Elders Council and the Ulo na Abo ruling Age Grade, the community disassociated itself from the certification and recognition of Chief Mike Okeke-Uche as Igwe and traditional ruler.
Governor Obiano had, at a ceremony on April 3, 2017, presented a certificate of recognition to Chief Okeke-Uche as the third Okpalanriam and traditional ruler of Enugwu Agidi; the community unanimously rejected the recognition which they termed fraudulent and obtained without their consent.
In the statement”  “Issuance of Certificate of Recognition to Chief Mike Okeke-Uche as Igwe Elect and Traditional Ruler of Enugwu Agidi by the Anambra State Government”, the community urged all members of the public to discountenance the certificate of recognition issued to Mike Okeke-Uche as the traditional ruler of Enugwu Agidi based on the following facts:
That the General Conference of Enugwu Agidi Brotherly Union is the highest organ of the Union whose function it is, by the EBU Constitution Section 38 (5) (6), to ratify/confirm or proclaim any aspirant or contestant to the throne as the Igwe Elect of Enugwu Agidi.
That there was no time the EBU General Conference confirmed or ratified the candidature of Okeke-Uche or any other aspirant/candidate whatsoever as Igwe Elect of Enugwu Agidi.
That the Enugwu Agidi Brotherly Union at no time made, or, authorized the presentation of Okeke-Uche as Igwe Elect to the Anambra State Government for recognition or certification as required by the Anambra State Traditional Rulers Law 1981 and EBU Constitution.
That Enugwu Agidi Brotherly Union was at no time consulted by the Anambra State Government prior to the issuance of Certificate of Recognition to Okeke-Uche as traditional ruler of Enugwu Agidi.
The President General of the Community who said the Anambra State Government may have been misled urged the Governor Chief Willie Obiano to withdraw the said Certificate of Recognition issued to Chief Okekeuche as the traditional ruler of Enugwu Agidi in the interest of peace. He also asked the Governor to set up a Panel of Inquiry to investigate this development which smirked of Chieftaincy Certificate racketeering in the state.
Meanwhile the President General has enjoined the youths who has been restive since the development to remain calm and peaceful while this collective insult and obscene degradation of their traditional institution is challenged using every legitimate means.

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