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APC parallel Congresses: Bindow, Boss, Nyako, Babachir and matters arising in Adamawa



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By Tom Garba, Yola
The just concluded All Progressives Congress (APC) Congresses from Wards to State level has been widely adjudged as a parallel one with each State haven its nature and the peculiarities of the Congress.
Adamawa state the home of the servant Secretary to the government of the federation (SGF) Boss Mustapha and the former SGF,Babachir David Lawal pinching different tents of who will make the party structures ahead of 2019 general elections.
The parallelity is in two broad camp, Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow who is been seen as a four Star general of the party at the state level and consider the party leader in the State is having the likes of the present SGF, Boss Mustapha,the North East vice Chairman of the party, Salisu Mustapha, the party Leadership under Ibrahim Bilal, Sen Binta Masi Garba,senator representing the northern zone of the state,the eight serving members at the House of representative (Green Chambers), the 24 lawmakers of the House of Assembly,all Commissioners ,19 Chairmen of various LGA and their 205 warrds councillors,elder statemens and stakeholders like Jonathan Zwingina, Gen Aliyu Kama, former acting Gov James Barka.
Others are Alhaji Umar Duhu,Barr Ali Gulak,Felix Tangwani,Medan Peter,Sen Ahmed Barata belonging to Bindow’s camp as combatants foot soldiers waiting for a victory battle come 2019.
In the other parallel camp which is believe to have Babachir David Lawal as the arrow head Leader and have the likes of former Gov Murtala Nyako, Sen Aziz Nyako,Senator representing central zone of the state, Moallayidi, a senator coming from the northern zone,Gen Buba Marwa,Marcus Gunduri, Nuhu Ribadu,a serving member in Adamawa state House of Assembly, Hon Rufai Gombi,the current Chairman of Gombi LGA and the 10 wards councilors,a suspended Chairman of Yola North LGA and his 11 wards councillors,Daniel Bwala,former adviser Yaya Hamanjulde,former speaker, Yidi Turaki are his supportative armed men and women fighting for the seizure of the party in the state.
The two camps are no doubt roaring Lions ,the former is being seen as a well fed ,strong,agile and ready for a victory battle to defend it territory, kill any intruders to its domain. The latter is seen as a hungry Lion looking for who it will devour and submerge the Party system to its total control. The battle of supremacy of party control is main game playing out in the political scene of Adamawa state APC.
The degelates elections were peaceful done in all the two camps as adjudged by various stake holders of the party.The parallel Congresses have come and gone. The question is that who is the winner among the two camp? Which list will be accepted as an authentic one at the National Office of the party? What will be the faith of the loser in the game playing out? Could defection and cross carpeting is the final decision of those that lose?These are the question forming the many matter arising of the recent concluded APC Congresses in Adamawa state.
The former camp where Bindow is the leader seems to have a comparative advantage of having the national office of the party recognised its sanctity and acceptability. On many interviews with News men in Yola, the SGF, Boss Mustapha affirmed that is a grass root politicians and knows what is politics entails by doing and following the detects of the national body of the Party. According to him:” I’m a party man and a grass root politicians,doing just what my party instructed me to do.” Salihu Mustapha the North East Vice Chairman, who is an indigene of the state while casting his votes in the last State delegates opined that he has been delegated by the Party to make sure the Congresses is go on well and in line with the party constitution:
”I thank God the Congress is peaceful and as a delegate from the national office of our party I can say that my observations are just to say the Congresses are really free and fair to all party loyalist.” Salihu Said
The Bindow’s group is undeniable the group that is having the National recognition of the party.
But in politics you can expect the unimaginable and the unthinkable as everyone and every unit of it is nucleus in playing a prominent role of marring or making a positive change in the game of politics. The other group may be having a Strong reason to why they are factionalising the activities of the Party affairs at the state level. One of the possible reason could be relegations of Party loyalists who fought the battle and struggled to bring the present administration to be. As it is indisputable central fact that the struggles of every politicians is for his or her interest to be protected or covered, when there is less than that one will be seeing uproars of grievances coming from those feeling displaced or not carrying along within the scheme of things.
Many believe that the Babachir led faction is strong to the extend they fall within the national caucus of the party as Babachir,Murtala Nyako are partly founder members of the party and they form allience with the likes of Tinubu,Buhari, Adams Oshiomule’s founding members of the Mother APC and as such Babachir struggles can never be consider a struggle in total futility.
It is a fact the political gimmicks playing out In Adamawa is breeding up enmities and grieveyances is taken it centre stage of not possible reconciliation.Shall it be the Bindow group finally succeeded in forming a structure of the State party from Ward to national level,one can outrightly say the Babachir’s group are unregainable losers who will never stoop low to join hands with the Bindow’s group to form another four years of APC leadership in the State.
Of recent Senator Abdul Aziz Nyako told journalists that if they have maltreated at the local, State and national level they have no point in staying in the party that they toil and sweat to sustain both in the state and at national level. According to him they are going to defect to another party to form a government of the people in the state.
Views and opinions of observers in the State indicated that,the Babachir led faction has deliberately form their Party structure under the leadership of Comrade Dimas Ezra to automatic delve into a new party entireky in the State with it’s structures from wards to state level.
With what is on ground, Bindow an incumbent Governor who is gearing to finish his constitution two tenure as elected number one citizen of the State, with all his political will and connection, his records of achievements and the machinery he has on ground one can only say it take a special miracle of the Almighty God not to bring him as a Governor for the second time.
Of recent the Executive Chairman of Maiha LGA, Hon Idi Amin describe him as the Oscar winner of 2019 election. He believe that the Governor has done much in terms of infrastructural development that is clear to the blinds Adamawa is a transformed State.
Idi a grassroot politician consider  Bindow as a believer of hard work who passed through several litigations of Court cases and still standing strong in replicating democracy into Work not fight and deserve a support to come back in 2019 for the developmental Work  is known for.
“If you look his anticedents as Governor he battled nine casses,litigation upon litigation,he won them all and became a record breaker.
”All the huddles he passed as a governor did not detered him from doing good for the people of the state, turning Adamawa into a model City.” Idi said
He continue to say that Governor Bindow has collected nine awards because of his outstanding performance in leading the affairs of the state and it takes only God not to return him back as a Governor because he has done what God approve of,he has done and consolidates development in many areas.
Amin dispel the idea of sharing state’s resources at the expense of development because one cannot eat his or her cage and have it at the same time,you can’t be dancing and eating, but Bindow prefer Work alone than sharing the state’s resources.
”I tell you the truth I brag around telling people I’m from Adamawa state where we have a Governor that makes good things happens unlike before.” He said
To many people with voting right, Bindow is wonderfully doing well developing the State and in 2019 they will certainly vote for him. To some politicians Bindow has done nothing to deserve a second coming as a Governor, basing their reasons of not carrying them along.

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