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APC wins Ogun, Oyo; PDP clinches Yobe, Gombe



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APC wins Ogun, Oyo; PDP clinches Yobe, Gombe
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The Presidential Candidate of All Progressives Congress, Sen. Bola Tinubu, was announced the winner of Saturday’s presidential elections in Ogun and Oyo States, while Peoples Democratic Party Atiku Abubakar won Yobe and Gombe States.

The State Collation Officer for Ogun State, Prof. Kayode Adebowale, while announcing the state results at the National Collation Centre in Abuja, said APC scored 341,554 votes; PDP 123,831 votes and Peter Obi of Labour Party (LP) scored 85,829 votes.

Adebowale, who is also the Vice Chancellor, University of Ibadan, gave the votes for ADC as 10,529; Accord- 1,153; AA -331; AAC-923; ADC-10,529; ADP -1,734 and APC-341,554.

APGA got 934; APM 6,012A; 326; BP374; NNPP 2,200; NRM 542; PRP 356 S; 738; YPP-366 and ZLP-2,392.

He put the states total registered voters at 2,688,305; accredited voters at 612,341; total valid votes at 580,124 and total votes cast at 611,448.

Adebowale said that rejected votes also stood at 31,324 due to over voting and disruption of voting process by political thugs.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) also announced APC while the APC secured the highest votes in Oyo State with 449,884 votes out of the 851,956 total votes cast.

The State Collation Officer, Prof. Olushola Kehinde, who is the Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, said PDP came second with 182,977 votes followed by LP with 99,110 votes.

According to Kehinde, Accord polls 39,514 votes, Accord- 39,514, AA -1,124, AAC-1,153, ADC-6080, ADP -2,298, APGA-1,368, APM-462, APP-1985, BP-363, LP-99,110, NNPP-4095, NRM-659, PRP-433, SDP-14,517, YPP-572, ZLP-2,891.

He said that out of the 3,276,675 registered voters in the state, 854,439 voters got accredited, while the total number of valid votes were 809485.

Kehinde said while 42,471 votes were rejected 7,636 votes were cancelled.

According to results presented by the State Collation Officer for Yobe, Prof. Umaru Pate, the PDP also won the state with 198,567 votes, while APC- came second with 151,459 votes.


Pate, who is the Vice Chancellor of Federal University, Kashere, said NNPP got 18,270 and NRM 6772.

The Accord also scored 312 votes, AA -915, AAC-221, ADC-1034, ADP -129, APGA-875, APM-472, APP-256, BP-149, LP-2,406, NRM-6772, PRP-265, SDP-192,YPP-630 and ZLP-407.

Pate put the registered voters at 1,485,146, the total number of accredited voters were 398,874, while the total valid votes were 378,397.

He said that the total votes cast were 397331 while rejected votes were 18,934.

For Gombe State, the State Collation Officer, Prof. Memuna Oseni, said the PDP also won the state with 319,123 votes, while APC came second with 146,977, followed by LP-26,160.

Also the NNPP polled 10,520 votes, A- 284, AA -296, AAC-158, ADC-1446,ADP -765, APGA-558, APM-348, APP-208, BP-210, NNPP-10,520, NRM-1,061, PRP-384, SDP-137, YPP-439, and ZLP-969.

The total registered voters in the state were 1,575,794, accredited voters were 542,997, total valid votes were 510043, rejected votes 23,735,total votes cast were 533778 and cancelled votes 9640 due to voting and disruption of the process.


Source – NAN