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Baba Ijesha: “Alleged victim insists she wasn’t raped”



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On his first arraignment before a Lagos Magistrate court for bail June 16, James Olanrewaju (Baba Ijesha), the Nollywood actor accused of raping a 14-year-old had the odds piled against though the victim, according to latest revelation, has changed her story.

Yomi Fabiyi, a Nollywood actor and friend of Baba-Ijesha’s, said the accused did not defile her.

According to him, the police have no evidence against Baba Ijesha, and he wondered why the Lagos government prosecuting the mater doesn’t allow law take its due course.

”The police took a stand that they cannot charge the suspect with a crime that they have no evidence especially when the girl said repeatedly Baba Ijesha never had sex with her, he said on his Instagram page Thursday.

”Baba Ijesha never had sex with her at any time. And suddenly someone from Lagos DPP entered the court and told the judge that they have filed the case at a High Court, Magistrate hands off.”

He said those behind the trumped-up charges are violating the rights of the alleged minor victim, and she deserves justice against all the adults involved—including the foster mother and comedienne Princess and her Nollywood friend Iyabo Ojo.

”Have you asked yourself, what if in the process of the setup there was violence, door locked behind and aside being raped, the girl was killed, will ALL THE ADULTS INVOLVED be let go.

”How can the law be BLIND to that and set a horrible precedent for several innocent children in our society?

“Where are the SOCIAL SERVICES in the state, why is the DPP advice silent on all the crimes involved in the entire episodes and all that done against the child, why the silence on all that?”

Ffabiyi however stated he’s not fighting the Lagos government—only that he wants to stand by what is right.

“… and Baba Ijesha will eventually get his right.”