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Be your own Hero



Be your own Hero
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Being your own hero means showing yourself real love by developing your own values and staying true to any commitments you’ve made to yourself.
People who generate tales of struggle and redemption from their own lives appear to have much better mental health. A hero is defined by their bravery, their ability to act, and, in some ways, to create happiness and well-being.
How does a hero do this ?
By making decisions, choosing what to do and where to go. Thus, if you want to become your own hero, your decisions will be very important.


You’re constantly making decisions, but you don’t notice it, from the clothes you put on, to what you’re going to eat or how you spend your day.
Your routine is full of decisions.
The best decisions are related to our attitude. How do you choose to face the day or, simply, how do you handle things as they are happening?
Often, you think that you wield less power than you truly do over your own life.
Thus, deciding how you’re going to act and what your attitude will be towards different situations is fundamental ,a hero is aware of this power and cultivates it.
Stop giving away the main role to those inner voices that don’t let you move forward and anchor you in the comfort zone. Instead, choose to save yourself from that “evil commodity”.

A hero besides their bravery, is defined by their constant struggle against enemies with the objective of saving the world.
If you want to become your own hero you’ll also have to learn how to fight against your own enemies.
Who are your enemies? Everything and everyone who traps you with unease, discomfort, anything or anyone that belittles you.
This includes fears, distrust, conflicts, toxicity.
But, above all every time you treat yourself badly or don’t think about yourself you’re forgetting all the potential you have.


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The key to becoming your own hero is not found outside, It is found within, within each one of us.
It’s the ability to make yourself visible to your own eyes and to give yourself the importance you deserve in order to provide yourself with better support, because there’s only one person that will accompany you forever, for better or for worse. And that person is yourself.
Why waste time being your own critic and biggest enemy?

Take care of yourself, love yourself, and understand yourself.
True heroes are not those who fight constantly against monsters or who fly through the clouds.
Heroes are people who can save themselves each and every day with the intention of making their lives fulfilling and provide happiness for those closest to them.

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