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Billions set for miracles as Healing Streams with Pastor Chris holds Friday to Sunday



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The much awaited Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris – the largest Healing crusade the world has ever witnessed is set to hold this weekend.

Specifically, People from more countries than earlier envisaged are warming up for the upcoming Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris which comes from Friday, March 18, to Sunday, March 20, 2022. The event is already riding on the wings of the positive feedbacks and loads of testimonies from other Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris cutting across geographical, cultural and political divides globally.

Millions of people all over the world are sharing the great news of the event, as signs through billboards, advertorials on buses, trains, and other sources have got every home, every street, every community, every city, and every nation into a grip of expectations hoping for the great moments with Pastor Chris.

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The Live Healing Services have become special times of signs and wonders, postmarked with remarkable miracles and testimonies. Paralysis, cancer, HIV, tuberculosis, mental disorders, and all manner of sicknesses and diseases are healed when the power of God touches those who need healing.

With the participation of over 6.5 billion people in the last edition of the healing services that took place in October 2021, many are confident in their expectations for this program. One such person is Bishop Janice Best of the United States of America, and she eagerly shares her expectations: “I am anticipating an increase in miracles and healing of all manner of sicknesses and diseases. During the last edition, we saw people get healed and I am looking forward to this again, and I urge you to join in and partake. Get ready to receive and carry healing grace to your world.”

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Elisiva Falekaono was deaf for 17 years. This made communication and getting through each day a difficult task. She needed constant support from her family. This was her condition until she took a step of faith and participated in the Healing Streams Live Healing Services last year. She touched her ears while Pastor Chris prayed and they popped open. Her hearing is perfect now. Glory to God!

Pastor Antonina Boltersdorf from Ukraine testifies, “For about a week, I had this pain in my shoulders, spine, and hand. The pain was so much that I couldn’t even lift my hands to pray. As we worshiped during the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, I suddenly discovered I could lift my hands freely without pain. The pain is completely gone. My spine, my shoulders, and my hands are back to normal.”

This is just a foretaste of what is to come for the March 2022 edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris. “Anyone anywhere can receive a miracle,” says Evangelist Dr. Eddy Owase, a senior minister of the Healing School. “Testimonies are the Word of God clothed within stories. When they are told, they communicate faith and power for the miraculous.”

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On a not-so-bright morning in 2021, Joy Ekpoke collapsed and was rushed to hospital where was diagnosed with kidney failure. Her condition went quickly downhill: organs failed, sight gone, 19kgs lost. Hanging onto life by a thread, the 31-year-old joined the Pastor Chris Live Healing Services via her sister’s mobile phone. When she woke up the following morning, the sores that covered her lower body had dried up. Over the next few weeks, her organs revived, her sight came back, and she fully recovered.


Billions set for miracles as Healing Streams with Pastor Chris holds Friday to Sunday

Ekpoke’s beauty now is a testimony that still amazes her medical team and countless others all over the world.

The 2022 edition of Healing Streams with Pastor Chris is coming up again. Billions of people around the world are preparing places for God’s power to manifest the miraculous.

Organised by the Christ Embassy Healing School, the March edition, tagged The Greatest Miracle Crusade Ever, will hold from Friday, March 18 to Sunday, March 20 from 6pm GMT+1.

“The power of God will dominate the internet and the airwaves, bringing healing and eternal life to billions all over the world. The best part is that people don’t have to leave where they are or travel thousands of miles to get to this program,” says Director Of Programmes of the ministry Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka.

The three editions of the programme in 2021 showcased God’s healing power as billions all over the world connected from multiple places to this source of hope and faith. Participants watched via the airwaves and, with the broadcast done in over 5,000 languages, many had no difficulty following the program.

Testimonies like Ekpoke’s have continued to flow in ceaselessly: stories of intractable conditions disappearing without a trace, failed organs receiving new life, and the dead raised back to life.

“Anyone can host a healing center anywhere,” says Pastor Deola Phillips, director of the Healing School.

“Homes and offices, hospitals, even in cars! Everyone must be involved because there are people only they can reach.”

Because of the uniqueness of our Gospel, she adds, we inevitably have to expand into new territories.

Even now, with the program just a few days away, miracles are taking place already all over the world. As the testimonies pour out, the excitement and anticipation are heightening. You can register now and play your part in getting others to participate in the Live Healing Services at You can also sponsor the program and ensure its reach to 7 billion people all over the world.

Details of the event and how to join virtually is on Further enquiries will be sent through [email protected]