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Calabar Carnival, best in Nigeria – official



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The Head of the cultural troupe in the Oyo State Ministry of Culture, Mr Bolajade Adegboyega, has described the Calabar Carnival as the best in Nigeria.

Adegboyega told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sides of the cultural exhibition and parade as part of the carnival in Calabar on Wednesday that it had no rival.

The director said the Oyo cultural troupe was in Calabar to showcase and acknowledge the importance of culture in the state and to show solidarity with the Cross River carnival.

“We have always been here to participate in the Calabar Carnival; they have been inviting us all along and we have been honouring it.

“I rate Calabar Carnival very high, higher than Abuja Carnival; I can even say that Calabar Carnival is the mother and father of Abuja Carnival,’’ he said.

He said that the Oyo State Government was doing everything possible to sustain the cultural heritage of the people, adding that the state had one of the richest cultures in Africa.

“Oyo state is very rich in culture and this is one of the things we do by participating in various cultural festivals all over Nigeria to ensure the sustenance of our culture.

“You can see our cultural troupe doing what they know best. We are doing everything in our state to ensure that our cultural heritage does not die,’’ Adegboyega said.

He urged various governments in the country to invest in culture and tourism for economic benefits.