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Champions League: 30 thoughts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays matches



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By Ediale Kingsley
1. Antonio Conte is the new Mourinho. Fear him or at least  be careful of him.
2. It is unfair for one team to have Kante and Bakayoko. This is against some form of ‘fair play’. We need a policy in this line.
3. Zappacosta means Diego Costa zapping through from wing back.
4. Victor Moses won’t see many UCL starts(may not see at all)…but he will still be first EPL choice over Zappacosta.
5. Chelsea is the most balanced team in the UCL and this has nothing to do with the 6-0 opening game. They have only shown that they can grind out 1-0 wins over top teams. Barca, Madrid, Bayern, PSG can fall to Chelsea on a 1-0 margin (2-1, 3-2…etc).
6. To beat Chelsea in the UCL you must have an assassin for a striker and trouble causing wingers.
7. Young is reborn. The Man United winger likes smaller teams. He can be relied upon to do well against average team fixtures.
8. In another 2 years time, Rashford will be the best striker in the world. Or second to the best. He is currently not in the team suitable for his style of play.
9. Mourinho and Man United can not survive any tie against PSG and Spanish teams in the UCL.
10. Other teams aside PSG and the Spanish teams (Madrid, Barca, Atl Madrid and Sevilla) will not be able to beat Man United.
11. Is Bayern Munich on quality recession? On paper I expected 5-1, the reality is 3-0 against a 10 man Anderlecht.
12. Recession or not, Lewandowsky is still a danger man. The type you must respect. The striker that can make you cry.
13. Kimmich is a growing beast. Imagine having him and Rashford in your team in two years time.
14. Anderlecht should be in Arsenal’s plan.  When they drop to Europa they will try.
15. Robben is the unlucky one.
16. Dembele will grow.
17. Dembele is doing just well. We expect him to do too well.
18. Barca, suddenly is not the troubled team the world expects it to become.
19. I like how Busquet steps in as a central midfielder. Let’s make him the midfield Brigadier. Crown him.
20. Messi is still Messi.
21. The Egyptian Messi pairs well with Mane. Firmino is the cream on the cake. So much for the SMF.
22. There’s a Messi in Madrid. He just doesn’t score that much — Isco.
23. Ronaldo needs to keep resting. His magics are marvelous after few rests.
24. Zappakane . Zappason.
25. I reckon trying to warn soccer debaters not to write off Tottenham qualifying from the group.
26. Liverpool is a super Goal-Goal team. They will score and must concede. Only Moreno is the good enough defender. But he is a back winger, when he goes forward. The back is open. This season they will wish they sold Coutinho. By January it will be almost late.
27. The most deadliest striking force, MCN, are just the right ingredient needed to challenge for the UCL title. But…
28. Have we seen the last of a Coutinho nemesis?
29. Why is Coutinho not starting, not winning, not playing to full capacity, not…
30, Man City wants the UCL too, they have a defence to be proud of.