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CHRICED berates police over rape of a teenager



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  • wants Justice for victim
The Resource Centre for Human Rights and Civic Education (CHRICED), has strongly condemned the rape of a teenager identified as Maryam Yusuf, in Onitsha, Anambra State by a police Corporal Barau Garba.
While condemning the uncanny attitude of the culprit and the Nigerian Police Force, the Executive Director of CHRICED, Comrade Dr. Ibrahim M. Zikirullahi said their attitude was “conspiratorial and lethargic”.
A Mobile policeman identified as Corporal Barau Garba with Police Service Number: 275601, was said to have abducted a 14-year-old girl, Maryam Yusuf, and raped her repeatedly in his room.
In a statement on Sunday, Zikirullahi said “it was regrettable, despite the seriousness of this infraction by the officer, that fellow police officers in Okpoko Division of the Nigeria Police have been trying to cover up the bestial act of their colleague.”
National Daily learnt that the young Maryam, who lives with her parents at the Hausa Quarters in Asaba, Delta State, travelled to Onitsha to buy some items for her father.
Unfortunately, Maryam was said to have lost the money for the items she was meant to purchase.
It was while frantically searching for the vehicle she boarded in a bid to recover the money that Officer Garba approached her and promised to assist her find the money and show her the way back home.
Considering that the person offering help was a Police Officer, the young Maryam accepted the offer of assistance.
Instead of rendering the needed help, it was further gathered, Cpl Garba was said to have used his motorcycle to convey Maryam to his room at the Police Base, locked her up, and repeatedly raped her for six days.
Maryam was said to have pleaded with Garba to take her home to her parents, but ignored her but rather raped her the more until her vagina became ruptured as a result of this dastardly act by a supposed officer of the law.
The bubble burst and reprieve came  the way of the young girl when she was able to take her captor’s phone while he was asleep, and called her father to come and rescue her from her captivity.
Zikirullahi reiterates that, “The case of Maryam is one in a long list of cases of young girls who have been criminally violated, with the police always demonstrating a clear unwillingness to ensure justice is done.
“This posture of the supposed enforcers of the law is highly unacceptable. It is strange that the Police, which is meant to uphold the law, and protect the weak from the strong would connive to ensure perpetrators of crimes like these escape justice.
“It is, therefore, not surprising that rapists across the country are getting bolder by the day, especially as they have seen that no effective steps are being taken to bring previous perpetrators to book.
CHRICED, has, however, called on the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, and those investigating the case of Maryam Yusuf, not to sweep the matter under the carpet.
They are also calling on the IGP particularly to wade into the case and ensure a transparent investigation and prosecution of the officer involved in this dastard act.
Meanwhile, National Daily gathered that hospital tests revealed that Maryam was raped in the most brutish manner and mercilessness with laceration on her private part.
While berating the police force for shoddy way of handling cases that involved his personnel, called on them to “stop shirking its responsibilities, especially when it comes to investigating and prosecuting rape cases.
“It is not tenable that the nation’s law enforcement institution has to wait to be pressured before taking action over cases like Maryam Yusuf’s.
CHRICED noted that the case of Maryam offers an opportunity for the Police to prove its critics wrong; as the public is watching to see its next steps to deal with the matter,” Zikirullahi reiterated.