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Christ Embassy Sweep Suleja Off Its Feet with Night of Bliss Special



Christ Embassy Sweep Suleja Off Its Feet with Night of Bliss Special
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Christ Embassy Sweep Suleja Off Its Feet with Night of Bliss Special

Christ Embassy Sweep Suleja Off Its Feet with Night of Bliss Special

By Ifeanyi Izeze 

On the 31st of January, Christ Embassy Abuja Zone held an earth-shaking crusade tagged ‘Night of Bliss Special Suleja (NOBSS)’ right at the centre of the “famous” Suleja Emirate, 

It was a crusade anticipated to broaden the minds of the people in the city of Suleja and the entire emirate to the knowledge of the truth and the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Describing the event, the Zonal Pastor, Christ Embassy Abuja Zone, Pastor Dipo Fisho highlighted the people centric focus of the programme thus, “the essence of the programme is people: to reach people in and around Suleja and win them to the kingdom as the ministry is driven by a passion to see men and women all over the world come to the knowledge of the divine life made available in Christ Jesus.” 

Pastor Dipo was emphatic that the choice of the location of the programme was orchestrated by the Holy Ghost Himself with the aim of taking over the city of Suleja and environs with the Gospel of faith and grace and to banish evil from the land completely by pulling men and women away from the destructive tendencies of the vagaries of life into eternal life of peace, joy and prosperity. 

“As we stepped out to see 5000 souls come into God’s kingdom in Suleja Emirate, the Lord amplified our efforts. The mission was clear: we set out to change the narrative forever so that the devil will never have a grip over that city again,” he said. 

The success achieved was a result of several weeks of intense praying, consistent publicity and insistent invitation. Every member of the zone including myself, Senior (Group) Pastors, Church Pastors, leaders and all the brethren went all out publicizing the program and inviting and re-inviting people in the entire Suleja emirate and even in Abuja.” 

The crusade kicked -off with the Mass Choir leading the congregation in praise and worship and also featured prayer sessions led by senior pastors in the zone. There was an awesome display of talents from the members of the zone as superbly choreographed numbers and inspiring dances had everyone on their feet giving vent to blissful sounds and steps. The spirit of excellence displayed at the programme was amazing. Even the zonal choir sang as if they just arrived from above. 

The moments of worship and praise with Loveworld Music and Arts Ministers, including Testimony (Mr Jaga), Joe Praize and Frank Edward, gave increase to the manifestation of the Spirit and the ministry of angels at the arena. 

Undeniably, the tangibility of the presence and power of God at the arena was not only felt but could be touched. 

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The arrival of the Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor on stage took the meeting to even greater heights. As he ministered, the entire crowd listened with rapt attention. Thereafter, he began to call out cases of those being healed in their bodies and he ministered to the sick and infirm commanding the demons to come out of their bodies. Diverse sicknesses were healed turning the entire arena into a testimonies ‘jaga.’ 

Christ Embassy Sweep Suleja Off Its Feet with Night of Bliss Special

New Souls won into the Kingdom with their Bibles

When he made the altar call, it was a sea of heads as thousands of souls of diverse tribes including Hausa, Fulani, Nupe amongst others rushed to the stage to give their hearts to Christ. 

New converts were also immediately indoctrinated into a core sacrament of the gospel which is baptism. And despite the extreme cold weather which would have been deterrence, they were all willing to be gloriously baptized by immersion at the venue after which every new convert received a copy of the Rhapsody Bible. 

Remarkably, there are places you go knowing that Lord: it is just between you and I and Suleja is one of such. First, as if someone wanted to reiterate to us that where we were holding the crusade was indeed a stronghold of principalities and powers, the wind became so boisterous throughout that night threatening to destroy the facilities at the arena. But when a man’s ways pleases the Lord, He causes his enemies and even elementals to be at peace with him. 

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As said by Pastor Dipo, “When you see what I saw and heard what I heard, you definitely would have no option but to cancel the programme because just one single bomb blast would have changed the narrative. But through it all we’ve leant to trust in Jesus and God and have leant to depend on His word.” 

He disclosed that few days to the progamme, the security report was so scary to the point of even contemplating postponing it. Just about 4 hours to the programme, some groups of errant young men came on to the area for a fight that they will not allow the programme to hold since Suleja Emirate was a sharia stronghold. When they were blocked-up by the security operatives at the venue we thought it was all over only to observe that within five minutes the entire place was flooded with okada riders also protesting against staging the programme in the emirate. 

Ministering to a new soul

It is noteworthy that the city of Suleja was immersed in the fullness of God’s mighty presence. How else do you describe it if not to say that The Angel of God’s presence came out in the form of a man to ensure peace and security at the programme arena. To God be all the glory, praise and adoration. 


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  1. PAJ

    February 4, 2020 at 12:13 pm

    Just so so amazing! Perfection!


    February 4, 2020 at 12:27 pm

    Praise God, The Church is indeed marching on

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