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Court fixes date for hearing on Sheikh El-Zakzaky’s suit



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The hearing of the suit filed by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has been scheduled to commence on May 18, 2016, at the Federal High Court, Kaduna, in the case seeking to enforce the fundamental rights of the leader of the Movement, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, his wife, Sister Zeenatuddeen Ibrahim, and other members of the Movement that lost their lives and properties in the clash with the Army between December 12 and 14, 2015.
Ibrahim Musa, President, Media Forum of IMN, in a statement remarked that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) decided to seek redress in a court of law to restore the dignity, humanity and fundamental rights of its leaders and members that were abused by the Nigerian Government and its Army when they attacked the group in a killing spree on the 12th to 14th of December 2015.
Musa also disclosed that a similar case is coming up on May 23, 2016, at a Federal High Court, Abuja, seeking to enforce the rights of the leader and his wife to freedom as they have not been told of any offence committed while being detained.
He said that IMN’s choice to adopt this act of civility in seeking redress through peaceful means despite all efforts and intimidation by the government and the Army to deter it and instigate the Movement into violence, has helped immensely in guaranteeing security in the country, adding that this appears not to please the government. Musa, accordingly, declared that, “it is evident that in trying to stop the IMN from going to court, the government is using the Department of State Service (DSS) to intimidate the legal team leader of the IMN and respected human rights lawyer, Femi Falana SAN.”
Musa noted that the DSS sought to interpret the brief given to the legal team and insisted that the legal team must appear before the kangaroo Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI) set up by the Kaduna State Government to indict the IMN and prevent the group from going to court.
He added that the DSS also accused Falana of issuing ultimatum and threats contrary to their claim that the leader of the IMN, Sheikh Zakzaky, instructed him to represent him at the kangaroo Commission. “The DSS further instructed the Legal Team to reconcile the Movement with the government and go to the Kangaroo Commission in the interest of what they termed peace and security of the nation as if the Courts are insecure and violent,” he declared.
‘We wish to state categorically here that the decision by the IMN to seek redress in the court of law and stay away from the Kangaroo Commission is that of the leader of the Movement, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, and not that of Femi Falana SAN. Hence, the allegation of acting contrary to the instruction of our leader as alleged by the DSS is unfounded and mischievous,” Musa declared.
He highlighted that the steps taken by the IMN after declaring over 850 names of missing persons and their profiles after the pogrom has forced the Kaduna State Government to confess before the JCI that it had a mass burial of 347 victims of the genocide against the IMN.
“The confession by the state government further clarified reports by reputable human rights organizations in the world that include Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Islamic Human Rights Commission of London and others that a crime against humanity had been committed by the Army and its allies,” Musa declared further.
He revealed that the deceased included women, children and active youths who were incessantly killed by the Army in the most inhuman manner, stabbing women in their breasts with bayonets, burning people alive, shooting at very close ranges and even mutilating
private parts of women with sharp objects.
“We still call for the immediate and unconditional release of our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, and other members and for justice to be done and perpetrators of the genocide to be punished accordingly,” Musa declared. He assured that the Movement will follow laid down rules and procedures in seeking redress, adding that no amount of intimidation and provocation will deter it from the path of truth and justice.