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Repeated COVID shots driving dangerous variants, turbo cancers



Repeated COVID shots driving dangerous variants, turbo cancers
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Vaccinologist Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, Ph.D., says continued mass COVID-19 vaccination is driving more infectious and potentially dangerous viral variants, increasing the risk of severe COVID-19, aggressive cancers and autoimmune diseases in vaccinated populations.

An article published in Frontiers in Immunology in early 2022 details the multiple immune escape strategies used by the virus both following infection and vaccination.

Then there are people’s individual experiences, with many who have been heavily vaccinated not experiencing good outcomes, either in relation to COVID-19 disease, a concern noted in the recently published Cleveland Clinic study — but also in relation to other diseases or conditions, cancer and autoimmune diseases included.

For most people, the COVID-19 crisis is over. That’s largely a consequence of the World Health Organization’s declaration in May this year that the “public health emergency” was no longer.

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There are at least two reasons it is likely wrong to think that the COVID-19 drama is behind us.

The first is that the virus is still very much out there, circulating to its non-existent heart’s content. While it remains at large, it is susceptible to natural selection of immune escape variants.

Secondly, it seems authorities have no inclination to sideline COVID-19 shots. By contrast, they want to keep using them, and no doubt will use any obvious waves of COVID-19 disease as we progress towards the northern winter to justify more vaccination.

There is no shortage of acclaimed “experts” who can confirm for you that SARS-CoV-2 hasn’t transitioned to an endemic, seasonal pattern, as naturally occurring respiratory viruses typically do after the pandemic phase.

It’s still very much around as you may have noticed in your own circles — it’s just not being surveilled with the same intensity via COVID-19 testing stations dotted around each and almost every industrialized country.

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Ditching the nationwide testing programs wasn’t just seen as a waste of resources, it might also have been recognized that its continuation would dent people’s faith in the genetic vaccines, a reputation the establishment seems very keen to protect.

An article just published in STAT included feedback from numerous acknowledged experts in the field, ones aligned with the mainstream scientific establishment, including Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.

Most of the experts interviewed confirm that the virus has yet to achieve true endemicity and seasonal patterns.

This equates with the lack of understanding of how population-level immunity shapes the evolutionary dynamics of the virus, a phenomenon that is greatly complicated by the genetic vaccination program.

In fact, it is this poor insight that remains one of the most defining characteristics of a virus put under immune selection pressure after its release on human populations over three years ago, making a mockery of much of the predictive modeling that has been undertaken to date.

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Conflicting information doesn’t just create confusion. It creates cognitive dissonance. That’s an uncomfortable and unsettling feeling — and it drives people to find, and latch onto, what feels to them like a coherent, trusted view.

This causes division. Some still have trust in the authorities and the scientific establishment that remain steadfastly on the “vaccines-are-our-best-fix” podium. Others of us cannot support this view, seeing it as incoherent, both scientifically and experientially.

Many of us have lost trust in the scientific establishment, full stop. See here and here for our reasons why.

Any trust that we might have had prior to the COVID-19 crisis has since evaporated, largely because of the way the crisis and information relating to it was handled. That includes the mass censorship of dissenting scientific views.

Given the social nature of human beings, and our desire to align with those we trust, if we are repelled by one group we distrust — such as the scientific establishment responsible for our “COVID-19 worldview” — we find ourselves being attracted to others with whom we see reason to trust.

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