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COVID vaccine mandate protesters clash with police in Rotterdam



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Protesters of the government’s intention to enforce Covid vaccine pass clashed with the Dutch police in Rotterdam. The police shot and injured two protesters in the pandemonium.

The protesters in retaliation of the police gunshot, threw rocks, fireworks at the security operatives, burnt police cars.

The protesters had assembled in their thousands to express their disapproval of the introduction Covid vaccine pass, and a ban on fireworks on New Year’s Eve by the government.

As the fracas escalated, seven persons were injured, while the police arrested over 20 arrested protesters in a night. The Mayor of Rotterdam had condemned the mayhem as “an orgy of violence”.

Police personnel were said to have disclosed that the police fired warning shots and direct shots “because the situation was life-threatening”.

The violence culminated in the declaration of a state of emergency in Rotterdam, resulting in the closure of the main train station.

Riot police dispersed the crowd with water cannons.

Protesters also had confrontations with the police in The Hague after The Netherlands imposed fresh restrictions on Saturday, citing high figures of Covid cases since the pandemic began.

The restrictions compel restaurants and shops to close earlier, while sports activities must take place behind closed doors.

The protesters in Rotterdam rejected government proposals to introduce a “corona pass” for those vaccinated against coronavirus or who have recovered from the disease.

The government had on Friday, banned fireworks on the crossover night to the New Year, December 31, for the second time in a row.

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