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Davido Vs Wizkid: One is Ronaldo, the other is Messi



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Ediale Kingsley footballizes Davido Vs. Wizkid. Excerpt:
  • It wasn’t hard work or talent that got Davido that early collabo with Neato C. It was N1,000,000!
For lack of a duly executed census, we are made to believe that Nigerians are divided primarily along two musical lines: Team Davido and Team Wizkid.
We, at some point, have likened this versusion to that of Messi and Ronaldo. Aptly so. Reason it’s so? You sweat when debating who is better of the two soccer stars. You almost also need to sweat in reaching no general agreeable consensus as to who is better, as well, when you debate Davido vs. Wizkid.
So, aside expending energy to no concluding avail. How else are these two debates similar?
There are the genuinely talented  and the perceived hardworking categories. While Messi and Wizkid belongs to the former class, Ronaldo and Davido (yeah, notice the similar ending dough sounds) are of the later.
In the same biased tone pro Ronaldo fans will tell you that they support CR7 for understanding that despite his shortage of born-with talents (compared to Messi), they admire him for his having to meet up Messi by doubling his hardwork.
That’s the same way Davido fans argue. Since it is confirmed that it is Davido that has a frog voice and Wizzy has a voice only Tuface, Timi Dakolo and Wande Coal can match.
To say Wizkid and Messi are all talents and no hard work is to go to heaven through a hell fire of 21 disvirgined damsels. In other words, agreeing to such tale is to loudly lie.
We have seen Ronaldo and Messi train (you haven’t? Check YouTube na). Messi’s is equally intense if not more. And we know how Davido started as against the rise of Wizkid.
It wasn’t hard work or talent that got Davido that early collabo with Neato C. It was N1,000,000!
Meanwhile, it was talent that got Wizkid a Banky W notice.
“I have someone, I want y’all to meet, he is my retirement plan…yeah, he’s that talented”
That was how Banky W introduced Wizkid to us for the first time in a show headlined by the EME boss.
While Davido and Ronaldo rested on deals money can buy. Messi and Wizkid worked out their future with skills, guts and hard work.
How? What Tha Fuck is Ediale spitting or inking?
Well, like Davido, Ronaldo has depended more on deals money can buy. While Messi would convince Barcelona at a very young age, with a bad foot, with an inexperienced agent. Ronaldo would need to get to the best Clubs with the help of one of the wealthiest and experienced agents commission can buy (oh, are you shocked? Common’ Google is still free!)
Moving on…
Now like Ronaldo, Davido is playing Catch Up! Messi has gotten to 5 Balloon d’Ors now CR7 is about to get there. And there are many other areas of catch up the Portuguese is doing and I do not want to bore you with Google-able stats.
So before you tell me how IF or any of these recent Davido tunes arrested the entire States of the Niger and beyond. You better not forget how all Wizkid’s career take off songs also did the same.
I remember attending a Day Star Christian Center’s cross over service, many years ago. In the Wizkid-EME era. A young girl of age 18-20 prayed aloud, Wizkid must fall for me this year. 
That was her new year goal, and she wanted the God of Day Star to answer her request. This was long before David added the O to his name.
Even now…
Wizkid isn’t less musically lucrative. The other day, it was Nikky Minaj’s prayer point being answered. Recently it is Mrs. Jay Z that has been divinely favored. The star boy is only expanding. And the other, son of the rich dude, is only playing catch up. If you follow the trends, once Wizkid conquers a mission, Davido turns to copy that.
What influenced Davido’s new record label, Davido WorldWide Music? What influenced Davido’s latest signings?
Even in the area of Baby Mama acquisition. Davido is yet playing catch up.
I can’t stop you from loving Davido. Couldn’t stop people from loving Ronaldo. But I know even people who are for these Doughs have had to use Messi and Wizkid as metaphors or similes for being extremely talented.
Yeah, from their lips I have heard lines like: he is the Egyptian Messi (when they refer to Mohammed Sallah), the Madrid Messi (when they refer to Isco), Nigerian Messi (when they referred to that flying eagles wizkid, Stanley Okoro or Bobby Adekanye).
I have never heard or read about an Egyptian Ronaldo, Tanzanian Ronaldo or a Nigerian Ronaldo (instead there’ll be a Nigerian Yekini).
I have also heard people jokingly referred to talented musicians as WizKids. To say an artiste is Davido…you must be calling on their froggy sides.
Now don’t get me wrong. Of Davido and Ronaldo are awesome stars. They have done well for themselves. But don’t compare them with their lords. Messi will always be king and Wizkid has been given a beret as crown.
Cheers to all the four stars. They are the fantastic four of this piece. And that’s something.

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