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Doctors for COVID Ethics details dangers of mRNA vaccines



Doctors for COVID Ethics details dangers of mRNA vaccines
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The Doctors for COVID Ethics (D4CE), an international group of physicians and scientists, last month released a new book, “mRNA Vaccine Toxicity,” an extensive assessment of the mechanisms and manifestations of mRNA vaccine technology harm, through the perspectives of immunology, pathology, pharmacokinetics, epidemiology and medical history.

D4CE, led by microbiologist and immunologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, consists of more than 100 medical practitioners and researchers from 30 countries who “oppose the ongoing abuse of science and medicine for the destruction of peoples’ health, livelihoods, and even lives,” and believe “this abuse includes but is not limited to the ‘public health’ measures taken in the contrived COVID ‘pandemic.’”

The book’s purpose is to explain what the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine toxicity means for future mRNA vaccines. It outlines three potential mechanisms that likely account for what’s happened: (1) the toxicity of the lipid nanoparticles; (2) the toxicity of the vaccine-induced spike proteins; and (3) the immune system’s response to them.

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It concludes that the immune system’s response to the spike proteins is the most significant toxic factor because it both corresponds to the autopsy findings of inflammation and immune system damage and jibes with the theoretical mechanisms of harm.

The book warns: “First and foremost, we must accept that we are indeed in our governments’ crosshairs. Instead of relying on their treacherous and malevolent guidance, we must therefore watch out for ourselves and our loved ones—do our own research and seek out honest health advice wherever it may be found, be it inside or outside the established venues of science and of medicine.”

The chapter on the epidemiology of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine adverse events is illuminating—looking at the vast harms to date. Here we learn that 13 billion COVID vaccine doses have been administered worldwide—almost two doses for each person on the planet. And the US dispensed 650 million doses, causing millions of adverse events.

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The types of injuries are remarkable for their breadth—including myocarditis, blood clotting throughout the body and neurological, immunological and reproductive harms. Still, the CDC has the audacity to call the vaccines “safe” and to recommend them for all people 6 months and up on at least an annual basis.

“It is not possible to interpret the actions of the authorities as ‘honest mistakes.’ Too much has occurred that points unequivocally to a sinister agenda behind the gene-based COVID-19 vaccines. The rushed approval without necessity, the outright threats and the coercion, the systematic censorship of honest science and the suppression of the truth about the numerous killed or severely injured vaccine victims have all gone on for far too long to permit any doubts as to intent and purpose.

“Our governments and the national and international administrative bodies are waging an undeclared war on all of us . . . [T]his war has been going on for decades, and we must expect it to continue and to escalate.”

While this well-founded information is both alarming and depressing, knowledge is power. If we come to grips with the reality that past and future harm from mRNA vaccines is both intentional and inevitable, we can protect ourselves and our loved ones.

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