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Dogara exposes how Bauchi Gov Bala, aides share billions; PDP speechless



Dogara exposes how Bauchi Gov Bala, aides share billions; PDP speechless
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Former Speaker Yakubu Dogara has revealed why he left his state’s ruling PDP less than two years after he hopped in there.
And his reason is not unconnected with Bauchi Gov Mohammed Bala, especially his inability to answer some posers the Bauchi rep posed.
Nigerians might think otherwise, though.

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Governors are about the most powerful politicians in Nigeria. They deserve loyalty from their federal lawmakers, and failure to get usually snowballs into war—of attrition.
But Dogara, being a former No. 4 citizen and one of those who helped Bala to power, stooping to his governor will a no.
However, in a letter of resignation addressed to the Bogoro ‘C’ Ward Chairman of the PDP, Dogara said that he was torn between loyalty to the PDP and responsibility, considering the looting going on under Bala.
In the letter, Dogara asked:
a. What has happened to LGA allocations since May 2019?
b. What happened to our campaign promise to conduct LGA elections within six months of the PDP government?
c. What happened to the N4.6 billion loan taken from a bank and paid directly into a private company’s account?
d. Why are we segmenting salaries and why is payment of salaries of state workers outsourced to a private firm as consultants?
e. Why are contracts inflated, awarded and payment of mobilisation done in violation of extant rules on procurement?
f. Why are our highly revered Traditional Rulers and Elders treated with odium contrary to the guarantee we gave during the campaign that such will not happen under a PDP government?
“Mr. Chairman, you will agree with me that I cannot raise these issues and many more questions without a charge of disloyalty leveled against me if I were to remain a member of the PDP,” he added.
This is the sixth time Dogara will make a crow-fly between the PDP and the APC in about six years.

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  1. Odafe oke Augustine

    July 27, 2020 at 7:09 pm

    Don’t forget what you stoled when you were speaker of the house,is it now you see people stealing,when you were doing it as speaker of the house,apc criticized you too.please you don’t have the moral to criticize the aids ok.

  2. Danladi

    July 30, 2020 at 8:50 am

    Iam disappointed with Dogaras attitude as a Christian have you discuss all those allegations with the governor?, I’d not you have failed to practice real Christianity, we are thought to first meet our offenders and discuss if possible get witness.I believed you are not telling us the truth. I know of 3 governors you felt out with, ISA Yuguda,Mohd Abubakar now Bala Mohd,pls be humble, its pride snd greed that is pushing you.

  3. Odafe oke Augustine

    July 30, 2020 at 12:33 pm

    Dogara,you sheared the billion than him when you were speaker

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