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Domestic violence: Entertainers, others advocate change in culture and tradition



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Speakers at a talkshow/seminar on Tuesday in Lagos tagged ‘Lere Emerge,’ canvassed total change in cultures and traditions that affected women negatively in the society.

The convener of the seminar, Ms Mary-Jane Ejiofor, owner of Aquizilt Cyn ’jaaay Creation, said culture and tradition had done more harm than good for women, especially in marriages.

The talkshow, which doubled as a youth development programme, organised in collaboration with the Surulere Local Government Council, had the theme, “Refanning the old Flames.”

“We need to start telling ourselves the truth that culture and tradition have done more harm to women than help them.

“Thus cultures and traditions are laid down rules by men and they were made to subjugate women.

“So it’s high time we started breaking away from such cultures and traditions that have kept women bound for centuries, and when that is done we get the change we need,” Ejiofor said.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that various speakers at the event spoke carrying topics such as Domestic Violence, The Girl Child/Abuse, Drug/Addiction and fraud/Cyber crimes.

Mrs Caroline Ibe, a lawyer with the International Federation of Women lawyers, Badagry branch, who spoke on Domestic Violence advised women to learn how to speak out.

“See something, say something and do something,” she said.

She called on women to be supportive of one another and stop stigmatisation during marital challenges.

“Marriage is to be enjoyed not endured. When a woman is ready to leave a marriage please do not persuade her to stay back in an abusive marriage.

“Parents should stop insisting their daughters stay in abusive relationships due to gossips and societal pressure once they see a red flag,” said Ibe.


Mr Nobert Young, an actor, called on parents to desist from petting and having a favourite child in the family, especially boys.

He said boys must be domesticated like the girl child to reduce negative effects from male children.

“Children should be brought up to be responsible to themselves, the family and the society. Parents should stop thd habit of favouring a particular child.

“It sends a negative signal to such child, which may be negative in future. All children should be treated equally.

“The male child should learn how to cook, help his mother or sisters and should not feel the girl child is meant to do all the chores in the house like slaves,” said Young.

The council boss, Mr Yusuf Bamidele, in his remark appreciated all the speakers and called for a positive turn around in families.

He also advised men to desist from domestic violence as it attracted a severe penalty by the government and called for dialogue and understanding by couples to raise better children.

He said parents should create time for their children and wards and get involved in their daily lives to ensure they had a good future.

He promised to collaborate with the Nollywood industry to ensure youths are taken off the streets by setting up empowerment programmes to assist the youth in Surulere.