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Exercising is a must for a total well-being of everyone – Kelvin Maro



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Meet Mohagafar Fitness Trainer, Gym Instructor and CEO of MK-FIT Nigeria Limited Kelvin Oghenemaro who spoke with  National Daily Esther Egbe recently about fitness, how to stay health and his gym clothing line.

Let’s meet you Sir?

My name is Aki Oghenemaro Kelvin. From Delta State , Isoko North Local government area and base in Lagos. I’m a fitness trainer, bodybuilder and a business man.

Tell me a little about you?

I came from a family of four. Two boys an two girls.First son but second born.

How did you got into body building?

I was playing football then when I started ,but my coach complained I was too lean for my position as a central defender.

You were into football, before you went into body building?

Yes I was.

How can you compare both,which one will you say was cool or making waves?

I can’t say I wasn’t making waves in football because then, I was going places and even had an admission from Liverpool football academy in 2009, maybe that wasn’t my destiny, that’s why the luck was not there. You know everybody has a choice and I think bodybuilding started paying me more than I was playing football. Perfect physique and all.

How long have you been into bodybuilding?

I  have been into this job or work for six good years, I will tell you its has been amazing for me.


What do your parents think about your profession?

At first they never agreed with it but now they are ok with it.

Why do busy wealthy people still visit the gym?

This days both old and young people have realise that staying health is the way to go.
Our health and mental  well-being are greatly improved through daily exercise , if we have less stress! Stress tied up the immune system and reduces  the flow of blood, Qi (energy) and body fluids like hormones and lymphatic fluid.

Benefits of body fitness?

Everyday body work out   is a dramatic technique in reducing pain and enhancing the feeling of well-being recommended by health practitioners.

What’s the benefit of healthy body?

One of the main functions of the treatment is that it releases toxins that damages internal organs like kidney and liver. It also directly de-acidifies tissues, enhances blood circulation, stimulates the immune system and reduces stress as it releases chemicals in the brain that reduce stress and depression.

When and why should people who love to be fit visit Mohagafar gym?

Clients can come to our Gym every mondays to Saturdays .Session is done in a relaxing environment and it is aimed at releasing shoulder, back & body pains, stimulating the immune system, enhancing blood circulation to reduce stress,  and overall well-being of our beloved clients.

You went for Mr Ideal few months ago ,what’swas the experience like?

It was an eye opener for me,it’s was really a time to learn new things .Meeting new people and grabbing one or two things from them.

Who was the person during the Mr Ideal that you so excited to meet for the first time?

I have always heard of Linda Ikeji ,but never knew she was this friendly and sweet. Best fun that day with a great lady.It a inspiring moment for me to her.


How long have you been working with Mohagafar Fitness gym and what are the results so far?

It’s one year and some’s has been amazing results from our clients.

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