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Fact checks: Politicians trade with Pastor’s name in spreading fake news for political expediency



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Politicians are beginning to trade with the name of Pastors in search of legitimacy for the winner of the 2023 presidential election, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, through spreading fake news and linking same to a particular Man of God.

A sensitive statement, which has been described as fake news, has been flying around on social media with the invisible authors claiming the  statement to be that of Pastor Chris of the Loveworld Incorporated. The statement seeks to pull legitimacy to the victory of Tinubu, and mobilise the support of Nigerians for the emergent All Progressives Congress (APC) government on May 29, 2023.

Authorities of the Christ Embassy had dismissed the statement as fake news, declaring that “it is falsehood and a figment of the devilish imagination of the author(s).”

National Daily on investigation, searched through all platforms of the Loveworld Incorporated and its related partner Ministries and nowhere does any video, audio or statement relating to the statement exist.

The statement reads: –


He said;

“It’s not just “interesting”, it is deeply spiritual that the things of God are foolishness to those who are perishing.

“This is not an emotional and political message. There are people who are blessed to read the signs of the times and to decipher it. But many have eyes and they can’t see. Their minds are too full of bile to be objective. God doesn’t look for perfect men. That was why he was the friend of sinners. Paul was the Boko Haram leader of His time.

“God looks for available men and He looks beyond what the man is and He sees what he can become. He took Moses from the house of Pharaoh. The situation in Nigeria is so bad, Chief Awolowo used to tell us 40 years ago, it will take an insider to change it.

“Some of us supported VP Osinbajo during the contest within APC and I wrote severally against BAT and said it was the time for a new man. They threw all manner of obstacles his way. I have not come across a man more vilified, but he overcame every formidable obstacle. For 8 years since he helped Buhari to win, the man suffered all manner of degradation. Only an angel could’ve maneuvered what that man went through.

“All the powers that be worked against him, yet the man survived against all expectations. This is the man from the house of Pharaoh. He knows the system and has benefited from it. He knows where the mines are laid. I hope to God he knows what it is to live for history. He has had enough of everything. This man is no fool. He is cleverer that many of his opponents combined. All that remains for him is to carve his name in the books of history by living for the ordinary man. He has sought it so diligently. He can’t do it alone but can lead the way. Let’s rally round him.

– Pastor Chris Oyakhilome”


After searching through all platforms of the Loveworld Incorporated and the affiliated partner Ministries, National Daily could not track any source of such information in any video, audio, documentary or statement.

According to a Senior official of the Ministry, “the fact remains that everything the Prophet of God says is always either documented in video, audio or written format.” He added that there are also channels through which whatever the Man of God says in the Ministry is being pushed to the public.

The Senior official argued that “desperate politicians and their blind supporters in search of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s endorsement and validation of their principal are definitely behind the fake news being spread on social media to deceive members of the public.”

He noted that “unfortunately, some supposed prominent persons joined the bandwagon to spread the fake news.”

The Senior official of the Church, therefore, dismissed the statement simply as “fake news and lies from the hell.” He urged members of the public to ignore such messages or fake news being spread by mischief makers and ambitious politicians. The official declared that the statement was not from Pastor Chris.

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