Fani-Kayode dares Paden to come clean on Buhari, APC 2015 campaign funding

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Former Minister of Aviation and Goodluck Jonathan Presidential Campaign Media Director Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, has asked the author of the biography on President Muhammadu Buhari, John Paden, to write on how the former General sourced for his 2015 presidential campaign funds.

Fani-Kayode, was reacting to a section of the book which stated that President Buhari had documents signed by former President Goodluck Jonathan, which proved that the latter sought for what he described as “extra-budgetary funds”.

He called the claim “a pernicious lie that has no basis in rationality, reason or truth”.

“There is absolutely no evidence to substantiate it and I challenge Paden or President Buhari himself to make those letters and signed applications for ‘extra budgetary funds’ public.

“The whole thing is simply an attempt to further tarnish and demonise Jonathan and all those that served under him before the world and I believe that that is a crying shame.

“Amongst many other things he also suggested that other senior figures in the political and military configuration in our country committed serious crimes and indulged in damning acts of corruption without being specific or even providing details of those acts.

“Instead of doing so he suggested that the individuals concerned, which included President Olusegun Obasanjo, would have been prosecuted, brought to justice and called to account for their allegedly dastardly acts whilst in governnent if not for the fact that this could have had implications for the stability of the nation and national security.

“Obasanjo, who is always quick off the mark and who was actually present at the launching of the book in Abuja as was Tinubu, responded in a measured manner by saying that there were “some insinuations” in it which he disagreed with.”

The PDP presidential spokesman further dared Paden to write on “how Buhari and his team managed the 19 billion naira that was given to him in cash by the then sitting Governor of the leading and largest state in the south west and the 24.6 billion naira that was given to him in cash andin one day (which was recorded on video before being handed over) by another leading south western politician.

“In addition to that, he should tell us precisely how much the then Governors of Rivers and Kano states and the present Governors of Ogun and Kwara states amongst many others contributed to Buhari’s campaign and where they got the money from.

“Since everyone is claiming to be holy and righteous in this matter let us all get there and publicly exchange notes. After all the Nigerian public, and indeed the entire world, has a right to know.”