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Fayose will soon self-destruct, legal experts agree



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Apparently, there’s a consensus among legal experts on the letter Gov. Ayo Fayose’s wrote Beijing over the $2 billion loan deal Nigeria just wrapped up with China: the governor is freewheeling on the high way to destruction.

“The way I see it is that the man who is on the brink of destruction has no restraint about what he does,” Itse Sagay, law professor and chairman of the Presidential Committee on Anti-Corruption, told the Vanguard.

Many other legal experts also condemned the compulsive jabbering of Fayose. “Fayose is a `security risk’ working against national interest, I think he has too much freedom and should be cautioned all because we are in a democratic rule,” said Ola Ogunbiyi, a lawyer.

Barrister Monday Ubani urged Nigerians to disregard the letter as hot air. “This letter is a mere irritation especially coming from a sitting governor; I will urge Nigerians and especially journalists to regard his letter as nothing, but a mere irritation,” said the Ikeja NBA former chairman.

Fayose had written to China April 12, telling the government Nigerians, regardless of parties or religions or tribes were opposed to the loan the federal government sought.

Although President Muhammadu Buhari went to seal the deal along with some state governors, Fayose, among all the 36 governors, including those in opposition, felt the urge to stop the federal government.

According to the Ikorodu NBA Branch Chairman Dotun Adetunji, Fayose’s letter was a show of rascality. “To my mind, such action is really reprehensible and should be discouraged. “

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While Adetunji agreed there is no problem with being an opposition, but If you want to be an opposition, he said, you conduct such opposition in a reasonable manner.

Constitutionally, Sagay said it is the federal government that is empowered to stop any of the states from getting a loan.

But days after the letter, Fayose himself flew to China—to go and solicit investors to boost agriculture and skill acquisition in Ekiti.

The Ekiti governor has been the most caustic critic of Buhari and his APC government since the run-up to the 2015 election when PDP lost the centre.


While he apologised to Buhari for all that happened during campaign, Fayose, in what seems an obsession, likes blowing hot over everything Buhari does.

“I wish him luck,’ said Sagay. “Let him continue to destroy himself with his mad impulses.”