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FBI ready to put Woodberry’s 152 bitcoins on sale 



Finally, Woodberry sentence to eight years in prison for internet fraud
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A filing made on July 7, 2023, at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois discloses that the U.S. Marshal Service will now assume control of confiscated cryptocurrency assets for disposition, as stated in Mr. Woodberry’s forfeiture order.

This development stems from Woodberry’s agreement to relinquish all proceeds obtained through wire fraud, which he perpetrated under the alias ‘Mark Kain,’ involving the recruitment of a minimum of 4 individuals acting as money couriers while he was residing in Dubai, UAE.

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Following his arrest by law enforcement authorities in Dubai and subsequent extradition to the FBI in 2020, Woodberry was expeditiously transferred to Chicago, where his trial has been underway.

The federal authorities have issued a call for interested parties to submit a claim for the property within a 30-day period and provide valid documentation to register their interest. They have further emphasized that written notice will be furnished to any individual known to have asserted an interest in the property subject to the preliminary forfeiture order.