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FRSC advises “Ride bicycle, keep fit, healthy”



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The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has urged Nigerians to resort to the riding of bicycles to keep fit and healthy.

The Kogi FRSC Sector Commander, Mr Stephen Dawulung, gave the advice in statement issued by the corps’ Education Officer, Mr Ayodeji Oluwadunsin, in commemoration of the forthcoming 2022 World Bicycle Day on June 3.

“Bicycles, have over the years proved to be a veritable and effective mode of alternative transportation beside its other health advantages to man.

“Apart from making cities to be smarter and more attractive as openly seen in cities of some Asian countries, the use of non-motorised transportation such as the bicycle completely eliminates carbon emissions released into the atmosphere by vehicles.

“it’s in this light, the Federal Road Safety Corps, in partnership with the UN, called on Nigerians to embrace cycling to promote well-being as well as to reduce crashes on Nigerians roads,” Dawulung said.

The sector commander said that in agreement with the UN, the corps would initiate and propagate programmes and actions that would bring cycling into spotlights as one of the effective alternative means of transportation.

He noted that reliance on motor vehicles had made Nigerian urban transportation system vulnerable in the case of increase in oil prices, thereby increasing national fuel consumption and creating heavy congestion on our roads.

According to him, cycling activities cannot be underestimated if used as a sport or transport as pressure on health services and personnel costs are reduced while life expectancy is improved.

He explained that this year’s theme: ”Cycling For Earth and Humanity” was chosen based on the advantages of the use of bicycle.

“A bicycle parking demands up to 10 times less space than parking a car and it’s much more flexible with high penetrations ability compared to public transport.

“Health wise, riding bicycle increases cardiovascular fitness, stimulates reduction in anxiety and depression and improves joint mobility,” he stated.

He expressed the hope that this years symbolic demonstration of cycling by the corps in conjunction with Kogi Bicycle Association and other stakeholders, would go along way at improving our transportation system and public orientation on non-motorised transportation.


Dawulung, however, enjoined bicycles riders to obey traffic rules and regulations like other road users for safety.