Fully vaccinated man dies from covid

Scientists warn of ‘Vaccine Treadmill’ as vaccine makers gear up for COVID Booster shots
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A fully vaccinated man has died from coronavirus complications. This surprised many people as they had assumed that being vaccinated will protect you 100% from the virus.

The man died after one month of being hospitalized due to having contracted coronavirus and having complications with the virus. He had been under intense medical care.

He had also been on holiday the week before prior to testing positive for coronavirus. His wife urged people to still be safe and vigilant regardless of their vaccination status.

This was because the vaccine is not entirely something that will prevent you from contracting the virus or dying after you have contracted the virus.

The work of the vaccine is to just reduce the symptoms and reduce the chances of hospitalization or the chances of death if you were to contract the virus. Remember to stay safe and always have your mask on.