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GMO crops: How food is being weaponized to stop population growth in Africa



GMO crops: How food is being weaponized to stop population growth in Africa
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A food scientist has revealed how Genetical engineering of the food supply otherwise known as GMO crops are being targeted at Africans with the aim of reducing population growth on the continent.

The food scientist in viral video said genetic engineers have not only found a way to put genetically engineered traits into fruit crops, they have also  found a way to cause food crops to grow RNA fragments that can be specifically targeted, like bioweapons to interfere with the physiological processes of targeted species that might eat the food.

“This technology is called RNA interference technology. It’s relatively new, compared to GMOs. It’s being touted now as a technology to eliminate the use of pesticides because what they’re saying is, they can cause a corn crop to grow RNA fragments that will kill the insects that eat the corn without having to use pesticides like toxic chemicals that overload the insect nervous system and kill it from a nervous system breakdown and so on.

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“This RNA interference technology is a pesticide technology, but it doesn’t rely on pesticide chemicals. It relies on RNA fragments in the food. Now, what’s disturbing about this is that this technology can be fine tuned to target a specific race of humans who eat the food.

“I want you to follow me very carefully on this because most people have never heard of this before. They’ve never heard of this technology. They don’t know it can be targeted by race. food crops can be engineered right now based on existing technology to cause infertility in black people below.

“That technology is a reality. Actually, it’s widely covered out there and mainstream media in the science media, RNA interference technology widely covered and they openly talk about how it can be used to target specific physiological processes of certain insect species that can interfere with DNA repair protein synthesis insects, they can interfere with fertility and reproduction. “They can interfere with mobility, a nervous system, interaction with the musculoskeletal system or depending on what animal we’re talking about other endoskeleton systems, I asked you, does that technology exist? The answer is yes. It absolutely exists right now. Are they using that technology?

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“I asked you to do a little bit of research, looking at the plummeting and sperm production in black men. sperm production is plummeting and black men. sperm production is precisely the kind of physiological process that can be targeted by RNA interference technology.

Now is that proof that the food crops are being engineered to cause sperm production deployment to black men? No, it’s not proof. But when you connect the dots of all the other things that are being done covertly. This becomes something very likely in the realm of possibility.


“The number of vectors is increasing. You are being targeted. And like I said earlier, to some extent we’re all being targeted, but black people are being targeted more than anyone else,” he added.



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