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Healing streams live healing services with Pastor Chris begins today



Healing Streams Live with Pastor Chris: A Total Experience in Abuja
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It’s today!! The sublime Healing Streams of God are ready to inundate the earth again from 3 PM today, March 15th, to Sunday, March 17th, 2024,at the Memorial 10th edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Service with Pastor Chris, setting off exhilarating miracles, virtues, and blessings across the globe.

It will be a transcendental time of great release and rejoicing as billions receive instantaneous healing from all diseases, the encumbrance of pain, and demonic oppression. Renowned for restoring health and divine life to millions of people from every race and strata worldwide in the Name of Jesus Christ, the program is God’s answer to the cry of the sick and hurting in today’s world.

In September 2019, Liza Zhaq from China was struck by paralysis on her right side while searching for something in her kitchen. Her leg and hand were rendered immobile, leaving her unable to move till help arrived.On getting to the hospital, it was confirmed that she had indeed suffered a stroke and was placed on admission, where she remained for twenty-one days.

Despite her discharge from the hospital, Liza never fully recovered her strength, and the toll on her body triggered a new set of ailments. Further diagnosed with knee Meniscus Injury, she was constantly in pain, could not walk or stand without the aid of a wheelchair, and was dependent on others for the most essential things.

Every effort to remedy the situation yielded no lasting result, and Liza’s condition remained unchanged till she came to the Healing Streams Live Healing Services. As the man of God, Pastor Chris, ministered to her from her screen, declaring her healed, Liza suddenly realised that the excruciating pain from both her knees was gone.

She recalls, “I jumped up, and till today, the pain has never returned. I got a miracle that day. Now I can walk as long as I want, without any aid. There is no more pain, and I can engage in all kinds of activities that were impossible for me before. Thank you, Jesus!

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Liza’s story is one of countless whose fate was changed irrevocably by faith and participation in the Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Characterized by revelational teachings on the Word, soul-stirring moments of worship, and intense prayer sessions, today’s Live healing service is sure to ring in even more extraordinary miracles and salvation to all as the healing streams of God flow unhindered everywhere, changing lives and impacting blessings.

Are you sick, facing baffling contrary circumstances, or do you know someone who does? Then this program is for you. You can receive your miracle today if you will only believe! Confirm your attendance now via Registration is FREE!


You can participate in the service today from anywhere in the world in your preferred language by logging on to or all Loveworld Networks. You can also watch the LIVE services broadcast on your local TV and radio stations or the nearest healing centre.

For further information, please send an email to [email protected] or call centres these numbers: +27799675852 (South Africa), +234(1)8885066 (Nigeria), +18327249390 (USA), +12896221634 (Canada), +44(0)3331880710 (UK), +919650096633 (Asia), +917794993762 (India).