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How cult threats truncated my education—ex-poly student



How cult threats truncated my education—ex-poly student
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A young entrepreneur, Akinola Oyekunmi Folashade, has cried out over incessant attacks on her person by some individuals suspected to be members of a cult group. Her suspicion was because of her refusal to date a supposed leader of a one of the cult groups. She claimed that since her refusal, her life has never been the same.

Folashade said the while she was in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic in Abeokuta, Ogun state, she was faced with severe victimization, threats of gang rape because she refused to date a cultist leader in the school.

According to her, when the threat became unbearable, she appealed to security agencies to be proactive and save her from untimely death, especially at a time when cultist activities has taken over the campus, committing different kind of atrocities unchecked.

V According to her, after a while and due to total mental breakdown, her parents raised some funds with which she travelled to Dubai, stayed there for a while, and even got herself a work permit with which she worked for some time in Dubai raising some money for herself and her future plans.

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“I got tired of running and hiding, I decided to return to Nigeria. I was lucky to get a good job and due to my experience. At this point I was happy my whereabouts is no longer known to this cultish group as I have enjoyed some level of freedom, though I still live in fear of unknown.

Unfortunately, after all this time, just when I have completed plans to pursue further education in Canada, these cultists showed up from the blues in broad daylight to my apartment, but I was luckily not in at the time of the raid or attack. They left with my gold (jewelries) and stole my money which was over $20,000 meant for my trip to Canada.” I was so lucky my passport was with partner since collecting my visa, I kept my travel document with him.

Folashade explained that she is now living in total fear for her life as security agencies have told her there was nothing they could do but she expressed her happiness because she is now travelling to Canada to pursue her future dream of being educated.

When contacted, a senior staff at the Dean of Student Affairs, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Ogun state who spoke under condition of anonymity said the menace of secret cults is of serious concerns to the school authority.

“It is not peculiar here, other campus are facing similar crisis. Many students have had to defer their admission because of threats from cult groups.

She said most often now the cultists now engaged themselves outside the school campus because of the stern position of the school.


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