How I escaped from kidnappers’ den in Ogun, man narrates ordeal

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A young Nigerian man identified as Oluwanifemi Eden has recounted how he escaped from kidnappers’ den located in Ogun State on the social media platform, Twitter.

Speaking via his Twitter platform on Thursday, May 19, Eden revealed that he was kidnapped in Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo state in December 2020.

In his narration, Eden stated that he recently relocated from Lagos to Oyo state when the incident happened. He mentioned in his thread that he was on his way to visit his younger sister who is a student at the University of Ibadan (UI) prior to the unfortunate incident.

Eden stated that prior to waking up in a ritualist den, he boarded a ‘Micra cab’ alongside two passengers; he revealed later that these passengers were found when he arouse from his sudden sleep.

“The cab was at its maximum capacity; we were ready to move.

We got to the general gas bridge, and that was the last thing I remembered until I woke up later and found myself almost naked with just my shorts and singlet on me,” his thread reads.

He continued; “I was shocked to find myself somewhere I didn’t know. I could untie myself, and I saw blood on the ground when I looked around. In front of me, the woman and the man who had been in the back seat with me appeared to have been killed.”

“Eden further explained how he was able to abscond from the ritualist den. He mentioned in his narration that the herbalist informed the primary ritual solicitor that “Killing him (Eden) was a bad idea”.

Eden later revealed that he was able to escape through the back door before he was discovered by an old man who informed him that he was in Ogun State.

He added that the old man took him to the bus park and paid his transport fare back to Bodija in Ibadan, Oyo state.

In his concluding paragraph, Eden revealed that the incident took place within six hours.