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How Pfizer, Moderna control COVID-19 vaccine narratives, influence health policy



How Pfizer, Moderna control COVID-19 vaccine narratives, influence health policy
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Pfizer and Moderna are operating a complex global web of influence operations to control the discourse around vaccines — funding lobbying and censorship efforts, using artificial intelligence to monitor and flag vaccine-related conversations on social media, and tracking elected officials who oppose vaccine mandates.

In late April, investigative journalist Lee Fang published evidence showing Pfizer had financed consumer, medical and civil rights organizations that lobbied for COVID-19 jab mandates, thereby creating the false appearance of broad support.

Special interest groups paid by Pfizer to push for mandates and other coercive vaccine policies included the Chicago Urban League (which argued the jab mandate would benefit the Black community), the National Consumers League, the Immunization Partnership, the Advertising Council and a long list of universities and cancer, cardiology, rheumatology and medical science organizations.

The coercive measures and subsequent mandates — which have since been reversed by the courts — allowed Pfizer to become the first drug company in history to break $100 billion in annual sales.

According to documents seen by Fang and Poulson, PGP works closely with social media platforms, government agencies and news websites to identify and shut down “misinformation.”

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“Their intention, as we have gleaned from the emails exchanged, was not only to combat misinformation, but also to affect the content and tenor of public debate,” Fang and Poulson write.

“While PGP identified some obvious falsehoods … Many tweets flagged as misinformation were simply critical of vaccine passports and other policies designed to coerce vaccination.

“Moderna’s corporate intelligence and marketing team has worked closely with PGP again this year in its bid to shape the vaccine discourse as take-up drops off a cliff.

“The partnership expanded again in October with an official training program, developed by Moderna and PGP, alongside the American Board of Internal Medicine, to help healthcare workers identify medical misinformation.

“The online course, called the ‘Infodemic Training Program,’ represents an official partnership between biopharma and the NGO world. But none of PGP’s recent work with Moderna is disclosed on its website or in the Infodemic Training Program.”

Moderna has also retained an online monitoring company called Talkwalker that uses AI to monitor and flag vaccine-related conversations across 150 million websites. And, as we’ve also seen with the federal government, the information flagged and/or censored on Moderna’s behalf is often factually accurate.

According to Fang and Poulson, none of the Moderna reports “makes any attempt to dispute the claims made. Rather the claims are automatically deemed ‘misinformation’ if they encourage vaccine hesitancy.”

“According to one report we have seen, Musk is deemed to be ‘high risk.’ Specifically, a Musk video that ridiculed media and government officials who claimed the Covid-19 vaccine was ‘100% effective’ against the virus.

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“The report did not identify any false statements, but warned that his video highlighted the fact that ‘deception by health authorities and health care providers during the pandemic’ would ‘lay the groundwork to sow distrust in credible sources on vaccine safety and effectiveness.”

Meanwhile, no one has been keeping healthcare workers abreast of the latest data on COVID-19 jab-related injuries and deaths, not even our public health agencies.

On the contrary, both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been caught hiding, manipulating and lying about those data, which when viewed with a clear eye show the COVID-19 shots are the most dangerous medical products ever released to the public.

Big Pharma is also manipulating and censoring public discourse via another third party — the PR firm Publicis.

The Publicis Groupe is one of the world’s largest communications groups. It represents most major drug companies and tech firms.

Publicis is a partner of and the largest corporate investor in NewsGuard, which rates websites on criteria of credibility and trustworthiness, ostensibly to guide viewers to the “most reliable” sources of news and information.