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Hurricane Trump hits America: President deletes gay rights, Climate change laws



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Emerging reports suggests that President Donald Trump’s new administration has deleted some of Barack Obama’s pet policies from the White House website.

Deleted from the website were the phrases ‘LGBT’ rights and ‘Climate change.’

Trump’s White House offered no new plans or policies but rather a rehash of many of his most prominent campaign promises.

A signal to the nation that President Trump is more pragmatic than ideological, and he plans to implement at least the key guideposts of his campaign vision.

His policies include plans to both withdraw from and renegotiate major trade deals, grow the nation’s military and increase cyber-security capabilities, build a wall at the nation’s southern border and deport undocumented immigrants who have committed violent crimes.

Several social issues disappeared from the site Friday, including a page dedicated to LGBT rights. A report on the Labor Department’s website on LGBT workers rights was also removed.

Advocates for the LGBT community have worried about what a Trump administration would mean for the progress made on equality issues under President Obama.

As a candidate, President Trump said he is opposed to gay marriage and Vice President Pence has taken strong anti-gay rights stances throughout his political career and while it’s standard for the new administration to update the White House’s official website with its agenda as part of the transition it is notable that the Trump administration did not choose to include anything about the LGBT community.